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Breast feeding/Childbirth classes

Can anyone recommend any breast feeding classes they really liked?

Also, I am looking for a childbirth class too. I am thinking about using Confident Childbirth but want to see if anyone had any reviews or other recommendations.


Re: Breast feeding/Childbirth classes

  • shacadushacadu member

    We took the breastfeeding class at Northside, it was pretty good.  Also took their baby essentials class since we knew absolutely nothing about babies and that was really helpful too.  Also infant cpr. 

    Also:  DeKalb Medical has a lactation support group should you need it after your little one arrives.  It's free and you don't have to deliver at DeKalb.

    We took the hypnobabies class. It was a lot of work but the techniques were helpful.  It's pretty time consuming and you really have to commit to it.  

    A friend recommended these classes:  


    Good luck to you.  


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  • kegkeg member

    A friend recommended these classes:  

    If I was going to take a class, this is where I'd start.  My doula is one of the instructors of these classes and I "know" several of the other people through another message board. 

    2004-Started TTC; Nov 2007-Lap with endo removed; Jan 2008-Ectopic (mtx); April 2008-IVF #1 (bfp, twin girls); March 2011-FET (cp); June 2012-IVF #2 (bfp, singleton, EDD 3-19-12)

    ***Twin fraternal girls born at 35w6d in 12/2008***

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  • Thanks for the info!
  • I took hypnobirthing with Kelly of Bright Birth. She is a doula/RN/lactation consultant too. She also does breast feeding classes. I learned a lot of great info. Go to
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