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St. John's medical center- westlake

Anyone have any experience with this hospital? I took a tour and it seemed nice, but would like to hear some opinions. 



Re: St. John's medical center- westlake

  • I'm planning a non-medicated birth there in about a month.  If you are into that type of thing, this is probably the best option in the area.  If you know you want an epi, and/or have other risk factors that might cause you issues, then you might want a larger center like Fairview with a higher level NICU. 

    But if you are very low risk and want a non-medicated birth, possibly even a water birth, this is your only option in the area other than a home birth since we have no free standing birth centers.

  • My SIL delivered there last year and liked it.
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  • I delivered there in August 2012 and cannot speak highly enough of the nursing staff. Yea the doctor delivered him but those women were incredible for my 18 hours of labor there and aftercare. 
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