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child care in pine/wexford

Looking for suggestions for child care options in the Wexford/Pine Township area.  We will be moving into the area shortly and are overwhelmed with the number of day care  options!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: child care in pine/wexford

  • The Goddard School is amazing. 6000 Brooktree Road, Wexford. They have great credentials, highly trained staff, security, exceptional cleanliness standards, and a great FLEX Learning System. My 19-month-old brushes her own teeth, undresses herself, cleans up, feeds herself, drinks out of a "normal" cup, etc., and I give Goddard to much credit for these accomplishments. I toured 7 different "daycares" in Wexford area, and this is truly a "school". That's what I liked best about it.
  • Thanks so much! Goddard is definitely at the top of our list to visit!!
  • SouliDSouliD member
    The problem with Goddard is the wait list!  We are at Tendercare (across from Whole Foods) and it's ok.  It was the only place available in the area with a short notice.  I toured Goddard, Kiddie Academy, and Tender Care.  What others are in the area?  
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