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I live in warsaw, indiana. I need help finding a great auto insurance for my car. Im 19 and juss got my first car and its a charger 2009, im looking for an insurance that isnt sooooo expensive i need full coverage and im looking to spend like $250-$360 a month. Does anyone know of a good auto insurance? Do u have one? How is it? Whats it called?? 


  • Ours is through Erie, but I'm sure the cost varies significantly amongst different drivers. Your age alone probably increases your cost significantly. We only pay $140/month for 2 SUVs but we get all sorts of discounts for our age (old), driving history, and homeowners insurance with the same company. I think there are websites that will compare rates? Might be a good place to start. Good luck!


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  • I live near Fort Wayne and DH and I have Central Insurance out of Ohio. We only pay $120/mo (full coverage with VERY low deductibles) for two newer cars.
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    I used to live in Peru, I used Norris Insurance Group and they got me some good deals.  They have other offices around there, but I'm not sure where.  Good luck!


    ETA:  Oh, and we use Westfield Insurance now.  I have full coverage on a newer car and my husband has average coverage on a late 90's car, we're in our late 20's and both have good driving records.  We pay $350 every 6 months. 

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