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Chautauqua County Moms?

I am looking for advice/opinions on obgyns and hospitals in Chautauqua County. This is my first baby and I would appreciate a little direction! Thanks!

Re: Chautauqua County Moms?

  • What part of Chautauqua county are you in? I live in Jamestown and I go to Lanes Women's Health Group. Two of them there are married and have been doing it for thirty years and I absolutely adore both of them! Especially doctor Allen, she's the wife. She's so sensitive to your feelings and very genuine.

  • This is my first child as well! Congratulations Honey! I have been going to G&P Gynecare in Dunkirk and they have been absolutely amazing. I feel like every sono was a biology lesson, they would tell me exactly what I was looking at, and have made me feel so comfortable. & They have answered every silly question I have (ex. If I do crunches will I squish it? hehe) and did not even laugh at me. I hope this helps! :D
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