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bottle battle

My LO never cared if milk was in a bottle or sippy and I put off the complete switch, not wanting to rush things.  Now I have a little monster on my hands... Whenever I give a sippy cup, I get a melt down... "no, no, mama, I bottle!  bottle!"  This is only at home, there are no bottles at daycare.  What to do?  Hope it's a short phase?  Teething?   LO is 17 months.  Thanks! 

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  • I'll be no help. Sorry, but I'm impressed your LO can form a phrase like that. Wow.
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  • We just took the bottle away and switched to sippy cups.  I was afraid I wouldn't keep my resolve so we got rid of the bottles the day we decided to switch.  DD was cranky about it for a day and now she doesn't care.  We did the same thing with DS and he fussed for a day and then fell in love with sippy cup.

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    we just got rid of all the bottles completely. now he does sippy cups and with straws out of regular cups

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  • No bottle for DS at all, but my DD had bottles. We just did it cold turkey around the age of one. Took all of the bottles out of the house. At that age, DD didn't put up a fuss. GL!
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