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need food advice 17 month old


DS2 who will be 17 months in a week or so does not eat. I mean I can list the foods he will eat in no time, crackers, puffs, yogurt melts, tuna, cereal bars, yogurt, some baby foods still, and thats pretty much all he lives on. no meat, no veggies(outside of baby food), no fruit (same thing baby food), hardly anything. 

We have tried everything, I mean everything. We still give him real food at every meal the same as his brother gets just hoping someday he will break into it, but he hates it. He truly seems to hate food. Pedi said it might be a sensitivity to textures. He cannot stand certain textures and even if he touches food, if he doesn't like how it feels he spits out what ever is in his mouth (even if it is a good thing on his list) 

He has other texture issues like cannot stand his bare feet in grass, hates socks, sitting, touching or standing on sand makes him scream.

I need some food suggestions, i am out of ideas, Pedi is out of suggestions, short of a nutritionist (but its not like we are clueless on how to give him nutritious food, we do every day, he just wont eat it) 

He is growing just fine, he is in the 75 percentile for height and 50th for weight. We have been giving him a daily dose of liquid vitamin with iron in his milk.

Ideas?? Experiences like this?

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Re: need food advice 17 month old

  • I haven't, but if you page law&order on the 12-24 month board, she can give you some really good advice based on her experience (she'll probably be on tomorrow morning)

    If you're already giving a variety of foods, I don't think that any ideas we'd provide are going to help.  Especially if it's related to texture and the texture issue isn't just food.

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    I don't have personal advice, but have heard that occupational therapists can maybe help. A few moms in my local moms group used an OT to help with their kids food / eating issues and said it worked over time.
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