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Placenta Previa

Went to my first specialist appointment today and had my anatomy scan plus to check on my blood problems... Found out I also have placenta Previa, which may be the cause of my spotting at 9 weeks and my regular ob office didn't catch it at the nt scan. 


this pregnancy has been so stressful already and I know if going to get even more so... So I'm thinking we are definitely done after this baby.

anyone else with placenta Previa or anyone have it with their first And have a good outcome? 

Re: Placenta Previa

  • I'm sorry momma! I haven't had it, but glad they found it finally and you have some answers.

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  • So sorry to hear this, mamma!  I had some spotting today too, and I was wondering if I am having this as well, just got back from OB a few mins ago, they didn't seem to think this is it though.  My cousin had placenta previa that was detected at 20 weeks at her A/S and it was completely resolved by 26 weeks (verified by another US).  She was put on pelvic rest but not bed rest.  She had a normal, uncomplicated vaginal birth.  I hope your previa resolves on its own soon!  Sending good vibes! 

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  • Ugh, no fun to have more to worry about. My doc gave me a cursory dx of a low-lying placenta when I had an episode of intense cramping and bleeding at 15 weeks. I still have daily cramping but no bleeding since that scary incident. I will get it checked by a specialist next week at my a/s. Hopefully it is or has moved up.

    Are you on pelvic rest? I miss my cardio (and my bedroom cardio!) ;)

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  • CamFamCamFam
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    I had it and was rescanned around 34 weeks. It moved out of the way! Hope that happens for you!
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  • SWA80SWA80
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    I have PP too, hoping it resolves but trying not to worry since there isn't anything I can do about it.
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  • tpealetpeale
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    I had it with DS and by 28wks it had moved up! Hope you have the same luck!
  • I have it, diagnosed at 14wks, am on pelvic rest, no lifting above 10lb, etc. No sex is killlllling me! I get rescanned at 20wks which is 2wks so FX it moves as I'm really hoping for a natural birth. Good luck to you, sorry you're going through so much!

  • Ugh. So sorry to hear this : I have nothing relatable I'm just here to give you a good ole babycenter internetz hugs.
  • In in pelvic rest due to a low lying placenta. I go back next week to see if it's moved. According to a few friends who had it, it seems to have eventually moved for them all. Hoping the same for me. Good luck. I know you have a lot going on. Hope your placenta moves soon.
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