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First Pregnancy

Hello, I'm at week 6 (approximately) as well.  Other then my boobs feeling achy and a bit bigger and feel a little bloated, I am having hardly any symptoms.  At first by back was achy.  I do feel like I need more sleep and I'm eating a bit more but I am making a conscious effort to eat 3 meals a day and a snack (healthy) between each meal.  I  know I should feel lucky that it's going pretty easy for me but I am worried.  I want to have all the symptoms I read about.  I have my first doctor's visit in 2 weeks and I can't wait.  I just want to make sure everything is ok. 

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  • I had (and still have) very few symptoms too, just some cramping, I'm starving, and a little bit of a sore back.  A couple of days ago I started feeling a little queasy, which may or may not get worse...My friend, who is a midwife, told me that just because we're not experiencing a lot of symptoms, doesn't make us any less pregnant!  Here's hoping we both dodge the bullet on full-blown nausea!

  • Congrats on being pregnant! I am as well 6.5 weeks pregnant! I also gave very few symptoms and no breast tenderness. But I am extremely tired and am taking about 2 naps per day. I as well am waiting anxiously for the first doctors appt. in two weeks. When are you planning on telling others the news?
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  • I'm just about to hit 7 weeks and feeling great! So far *knock on wood* no crazy nausea, cravings, mood swings.... just a bit bloated (I've already put on 5 lbs! yikes!) and peeing about 4 times an hour! A little sleepy too, but for the most part none of that is very strange or noticeable. I do crave hamburgers, so I guess I need protein? I've heard the extra blood flow makes us crave salty things too. I can feel when he/she is growing too! I feel like I'm being stretched and pulled. I see the Dr next Wednesday... can't wait to hear the heartbeat!
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  • I'm 6 weeks too, and have my first appt 8/2.  I feel achy, but not sick.  I'm super bloated, gassy, and have to pee constantly.  I am wondering if am sickness hits some later?  I do have a few friends that had none--so don't stress!!
  • I am about 6 weeks, my boobs are puffy, i'm EXTREMELY tired, and am scared to exercise lol. But I have had no nausea. I find that in the night time I get woken up by a sore lower stomach, not cramping but just achy, kind of like i'm about to get my period, I read in "What to expect when you're expecting" that it is completely normal. And it is completely normal not to have any pregnancy symptoms. The top two worries of new mothers is 1.miscarriage and 2. The fact that you don't "feel" pregnant.
  • Hi All!  I'm about 6 1/2 weeks along and I am having very few symptoms.  I find myself eating a bit more and running to the bathroom a LOT more, but other than that I feel really good and haven't had any morning sickness issues at all.  I've had maybe 3 waves of nausea that pass very quickly. 

    Glad we're in this journey together! Geeked

  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm 6 weeks as well and my only symptoms so far has been sore boobs and mild nausea. This week I actually feel fine and it has worried me that I haven't felt all the "classic" symptoms. However, everyone I've talked has reassured me I'm fine and you are too. Consider yourself blessed :) ...that's what everyone has told me. We go for our first ultrasound next week and I'm praying we hear a heartbeat. That will ease my mind a lot. Congratulations and don't stress!
  • I am about 6 weeks, having my viability check next Wednesday, and also don't have too many symptoms. My boobs are tender, and had a very mild nausea for a couple of days. and that's about it. Oh, and coffee does not taste good anymore lol I can't wait for the first ultrasound. Am worried because a lot of girls I work with experienced a miscarriage.
  • Hello,

    You and I sound very similer. I'm 6 1/2 weeks :) seeing my OB first thing Monday, a little scared and excited . Don't feel much symptoms, sometimes look at my test result to realize its real. Ive been peeing more often, minor cramps on and off, headache , just today my boobs are slightly sore. But no major symptoms I've read. Sleepy during the day but everything is so subtle I sometimes not sure of I'm pregnant. Does it sound like it? 

  • Has anyone felt palpitation? Feeling of heart skipping beats and you feel out of breath? I've had that all day yesterday a few seconds on and off. I'm good and don't feel anything other than frequent urination and minor cramps on and off. Anyone heard of palpitation? 
  • I am also 6 weeks pregnant and my appointment is two weeks away. I can't wait to hear the baby's heart beat. I'm planning on telling my family at Thanksgiving. It's a holiday, and I'll be about ten weeks by then. I figured that should be okay. Best of luck and Congrats on baby!


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  • I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and I've definitely felt shortness of breathe when walking. I get much more exhausted after working out than usual. My face feels like it's exploding with acne, and lots of my usual foods do not appeal anymore. I am craving fruits and veggies, which I guess is a good thing!

  • Hello. I am almost 6 weeks pregnant. I have had really bad heartburn, some cramping and sore breasts.

    Does anyone have a natural remedy for heartburn that is safe?

  • I feel the EXACT same way you do! I'm 5w4d and I only feel mild cramping, bloating, dull back pain and some breast tenderness. I was wondering if something was wrong since I haven't felt any morning sickness. But I guess we should really be thankful that we've dodged that bullet so far lol. I have my appt in 3 wks and I can't wait to confirm and hear the heartbeat. I still feel in denial I was about to but another pregnancy test after taking 2 that were positive. Guess I just need to relax! So you're not alone :
  • I am also 6 weeks preggo and no full blown symptoms. My boobs are unbearably sore, feel bloated and cramping, and some stomach pain probably gas or indigestion.  So I am extremely thankful for no morning sickness yet, fingers crossed for not having later. I am glad I am not the only one who is not having those pronounced preggo symptoms :)
  • Hello! I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I too have worried about not "feeling" pregnant but my husband reassures me it's a good thing that I'm feeling ok. I had really heavy cramping 2 weeks ago for 2 weeks and it's been super mild now. My breasts are very tender. I am also very tired, really hungry after 2 hours after having a meal and lots of peeing! DH and I will be telling our families on Christmas! I wish you all a beautiful pregnancy!
  • Hi I

    Im 6 weeks tomorrow (only found out sunday )and i dont really feel pregnant either, my breasts hurt a lot and i have cramping and lower backache.

    I have a doctors appointment next week. My Doctors dont see you till your 7weeks.

  • Hi ladies! I'm 6 wks too...I already had my first ultrasound 2 days ago because I was seeing a fertility expert but ended up getting pregnant on our own. So, needless to say, the Dr. wanted to confirm and there she was, a little sac and fetus on the screen. Our little bean is up on the fridge now. I go back next week to see the heartbeat. Fingers crossed!!! I felt extreme backache a day or two before I tested positive. Since then my back is better, my boobs are sore and a few smells get me nauseous here and there, but no morning sickness. I'm sure though that it will come. We are a super close family, so everyone has known thanks Thanksgiving. Glad to read though that other 56 weekers are on my same boat. Good luck mommies!
  • I wish I could say that I am not having any symptoms. I am 6 weeks along and I have been dealing with nausea throughout the day and night for the past 2 weeks. The only solution I have found to lessen the symptoms is to eat constantly and avoid feeling hungry.
  • I'm 6 weeks, this is my first pregnancy and I will happily trade my constant nausea, heartburn, and indigestion with you. My boobs are achy and my back pain is minimal but I'm still not believing I'm actually pregnant.
  • Sounds like most people at the same stage as me (6 weeks) have the same symptoms- back aches, heartburn, bloating, and cramps....sounds like we're all doing fine!! Not telling family until after first Dr. appointment in 2 1/2 weeks...
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  • Hi Karina, Congrats! This is my first post on The Bump and my first pregnancy too! I'm in the same boat as you. I'm 6 weeks and 5 days and the only symptoms I have are nausea, fatigue, and increased appetite. I went to get my first ultrasound and baby and heart rate are healthy :-) Just remember every women is different. 
  • I am 6.3 weeks and just yesterday starting to feel a little nausea, especially after my meals.  I feel very, very tired and sleepy! I too was worried about not having any early symptoms; I had been telling everyone "I feel great!" so enjoy your time feeling well and take care of yourself.  Take your prenatal vitamins everyday and drink lots of water.  I wasn't drinking enough water and I have read that keeping yourself very well hydrated eases the nausea.  I wish I would have taken the advice.  Thankfully my nausea is very mild but even so its uncomfortable, especially at work.  Congratulations and best of luck!


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  • I am about 6 weeks and got very winded walking up the stairs to work the past couple of mornings. I read that because our lungs are expanding to provide oxygen to the baby, and the baby is in-turn producing carbon dioxide back into our bodies you can experience feeling out of breath. Not sure about the palpitations, except to say that everything in our bodies is working harder these days and it is probably normal, but if you start to feel dizzy or faint you should call your doctor. 
  • 6 weeks pregnent yesterday.... So tired!!!! Breast hurt expecially my nipples.. My first visit is the prenatal in march 6... Will they do an ultrasound ???
  • Congrats!

    This is my first pregnancy as well, be happy youre not having these symptoms! I have the nausea like crazy, haven't vomited just yet BUT the sickness gets to me, as well as sore and tender boobs and irritating bloat /: 

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  • This is my first pregnancy too!  I don't have any symptoms except I am constantly EXHAUSTED!  I'm also getting a pretty healthy appetite!  I'm trying to be thankful that my morning sickness hasn't kicked it but it's weird that I don't "feel" pregnant. 
  • hi, im also six weeks pregnant. the symptoms are crazy. i've been drinking ginger ale the past two days, it helps with the nausea. i already went off on someone (sorry). they said it's hormones and laugh. thank god they understand i didn't mean it. keeping myself in check though. i went to see my ob gyn last week for the first time and saw my little baby to be. i cried, it was a wonderful expirience my hubby and i shared. it's not easy going throught this for the first time, but i love it. my husband and i are so happy. 
  • Hey I'm 6 weeks today.
    I'm getting Everything!
    Sore boobs
    And anything else you can think of lol
    Don't like to complain about my little miracle, but I think if I didn't have all these symptoms I wouldn't really think about being pregnant :
  • I am 6 weeks 1day pregnant and so excited! It's my husband and I's first pregnancy, we found out last week and I already had tiredness, nauseous, bloated, sore boobs, some food aversion, and twinges in my lower abdomen, which I heard is muscles stretching to accommodate growing baby. But all of my symptoms are so mild and then two days ago they just stopped. I called my doctor and have done some research and I think it's because instead of eating three big meals a day I'm doing six small/ snack sized meals a day. It's great and all but it makes me worry that something's wrong. Though everyone keeps reassuring me nothing is wrong.

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  • I am having similar symptoms at 6 weeks: sore boobs and back, more tired, eating more frequently and slight nausea.  No morning sickness yet!  I keep expecting it to hit me, but I am really hoping I'm one of those lucky few who skips it all together.  I had a hard time believing I was pregnant since I didn't have "the usual" symptoms, but the ultrasound confirmed it yesterday!
  • Wow! I haven't really read any posts until now and this makes me feel so much better! I normally workout 45 days per week and today I went to gym and walked instead of running because I'm too scared! I think I'll feel better about all of this once I have my first doc appt in a few weeks.
  • Oh gosh, I'm so happy to read this and everyone's replies!!! I will be 7 weeks tomorrow and I too have very little nausea and have been so worried that it meant I didn't have a healthy pregnancy. I have the sore breasts, tiredness, moodiness, constant peeing and bloating but only very occasional nausea. I'm happy to hear I'm not alone! I don't see the dr until 7/15 so I've been relying on apps and forums to help me feel less anxious.
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