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Hospital bag

Wondering what you didnt take you thought you should have and visa versa? Im trying to finalize my birth bag, and also Tylers NB bag. Im not sure what all to take. i am now having a hospital birth, so I know they supply many things.

Appreciate your help!

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  • This is what I brought the second time around (the first time I didn't have a bag packed before I went to the hospital). Socks, extra change of clothes, nursing bra's, toiletries, chap stick, camera, laptop, books, magazines, baby book, notebook to write down thoughts (this came in handy for Caroline's early birth), hair ties.

    I don't have much advice on the baby diaper bag, because I never had a take home baby. When both my girls left the NICU, I remember the hospital giving us everything in their cubbies (diapers, wipes, paci's, diaper cream, preemie formula). With Annabelle I didn't have any clothes to bring her home in, so I took an outfit from the NICU. With Caroline I had an outfit that I had purchased long before she was born (newborn size) and she swam in that home. I would suggest a blanket, hat,  and mitts. 




  • I brought my own toiletries, comfy clothes, Boppy, camera, iPad, necessary chargers, slippers, hair dryer, hair elastics, chapstick, a water bottle, and nursing bras. Although the hospital provided mesh underwear, I brought my own to wear after the first day.

    The car seat was in the car, but not brought in until we were ready to leave. I had Tums and Tylenol packed for DH, as well as a toothbrush for him.

    For outfit, one pair of socks, blanket, hat, mittens. I kept our kids in the long sleeved shirts that the hospital provided while we were there. The hospital gave us everything in the bassinet to take home, which included diapers, wipes, pacifiers, comb, Vaseline for DS circumcision, baby wash.
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  • All we needed for DS was a onesie, hat, socks, and blanket.

    For me, I barely needed anything that I brought. I did forget flip flops and a toothbrush (both of which I needed) but DH got my flip flops from home and the hospital had a toothbrush for me. Don't forget your phone charger!


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  • image BunintheOven311:

    This is a great list but I'd add camera to it.
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