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Water for formula

For those that use powder formula, do you just use tap water or do you use filtered or boiled and cooled water? We have been using the ready made stuff, but have a container of powder of the same kind that we need to use.
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Re: Water for formula

  • I always used filtered water, but our city water was NASTY.
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  • i think our tap water tastes funny, so i just buy gallon jugs of spring water at the store, and mix the stuff and serve to lo at room temp.
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  • Same as Uncaripswife...we use  tap water filtered through the Pur.  But I have used tap water at time too.

  • In Alberta canada they recommend boiled cooled water until 4 months of age.

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  • We have a well so we use bottled water. 
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  • We use tap water filtered through a Brita pitcher.

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  • image amb04006:
    We use tap water filtered through a Brita pitcher.

    Same here!

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  • I buy the gallons of Gerber Pure water, it has no Flouride so I like it best
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  • Same and I have a formula mixing pitcher and make the milk ahead n store in fridge my likes cold or room temp so you can try warm room or cold milk just depends what they like
  • I use filtered through the Brita and my husband uses tap and she seems fine.  He can't stand waiting for the bottle to warm up.  Men lol.  I admit I've used the warm tap water too. 
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  • Our tap water is really hard so we don't use it.  We use bottled spring water.  With DD # 1, we just used the bottled water directly from the bottle.  With DD#2, the health nurse came for a well baby checkup and noticed that we weren't boiling the water.  She told us that even though its bottled, filtered water, that we still need to boil it to ensure all bacteria is killed.

    So we now use bottled water, boiled and cooled to room temp. 

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