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MoM of twins in pre-school or school age

The boys are starting half days (full week) of pre-school starting in September.  They will be in the same preschool class, but once they start kindegarden (September 2014) I'm not quite sure what to do, keep them in the same class or let them be in different classes?

My sister works with a lady who's a twin and she recomends having them in sepeate classes...of course the decision will be ours and DH, just wondering your input, experiences or recomendations?

The boys are very close, they do play together with other children so they're not anti-social by any means, but they like being together. 

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Re: MoM of twins in pre-school or school age

  • I think it's a personal desicion based on your kids, the school, etc. At their current school there was only one class for their age so it was a moot point.

     Next year we are asking for them to be in sep. classes. They're super close, etc, BUT one is more verbal than the other and constantly talks for her sister. You'll ask the quieter one a question and the other answers it - as a result I feel that the quieter one has gotten MORE quiet and less verbal. 

    I want them to grow as individuals, which some can do in the same class, but for the moment, I feel mine need to be separate. 



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  • mine were in the same class for pre-K3 last year, and this year, they're in different classes. while it's a pain in the for me, it's definitely the best for them, but they really didn't play with other kids, and were very codependent. it really depends on your kids.

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  • You'll get so many different answers on this. I agree it really depends on the kids and their relationship, what your options are, etc. My boys are just finishing their second year of preschool and overall it's worked well having them in the same class so far. Their looks and personalities are totally different so there have been zero issues with people mixing them up or lumping them together as "the twins." They're also really not competitive with each other yet. I think the one drawback might be negative comparisons with their very different strengths and abilities; if that becomes an issue I will separate them.

    This article might be helpful:

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  • I separated mine in preschool.  I knew it would be a transition, but I also knew I would have closer contact with the preschool teachers than with kindergarten teachers.  It has absolutely been the best for my two.  They LOVE having separate friends, separate assignments, and separate teachers.  Plus, I think it's really good for them to be apart during the day.  Makes it so they get along better at night and on the weekends.  

    Someone else told me that kindergarten is an even playing field, everyone has to make friends.  It's a good time to separate them because everyone is new to each other. 

  • Thanks for everyone's input- we'll see how pre-school goes and can then try and make a decision.

    A lot of you raised a lot of points that I had never thought of before so this is great information.

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  • As a teacher in a small private school, we only have 1 of every grade. I have taught many sets of twins and have never had a problem with them being together. I usually sat them on opposite sides of the room and put them in different groups when working on projects. There are so many kids and things going on they will most likely do their own thing. For this reason I will prob have my twins in the same class. Why do 2 different sets of homework? Lol. Good luck.
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