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Pocket insert recommendations

Stuffing our pockets with microfiber has worked for us so far with very few issues. But we've reached the one year mark for most of our microfiber and it's just...old. Discolored, I'm having gradually more and more stink issues the past few weeks, I think they've just run out of life. So I'm looking at other options. 

I would prefer natural fibers since I know they're easier to breathe life back into and we're about to start cding #2 alongside #1. I love hemp as a nighttime doubler, but I just haven't had good luck with it as a primary insert, dd pees too much at a time and it absorbs too slowly (which is why microfiber has worked so well for us so far).  We're also on a bit of a budget crunch with #2 arriving in the next couple months, so if you can recommend something on the cheaper end that would be great as well! 

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Re: Pocket insert recommendations

  • Flats. I switched about 3 months ago and haven't looked back. They are about as cheap as you can get. Plus you can use them for LO #2 if you don't already have newborn diapers.

    In the meantime, though, try boiling your clean MF then a wash w/o detergent to rinse everything away. It can really help freshen them up and get rid of the buildup that's causing the stink.

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  • On the alva baby website they sell 4 layer MF bamboo inserts. The bamboo in on the outsides. Super soft, trim and so absorbant! They are 3 dollars each I think, or like 10 for 25. If you are against the MF being in them they also sell 3 layer bamboo inserts that work well. My LO only needs one at 8 months but she's not a heavy wetter. You might need 2 per diaper. 2 would still be thinner than one MF IMO.
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  • I really like my kawaii bamboo inserts.
  • RLR might perk up your MF inserts.

    Prefolds or flats are a good bet. Sewing your own bamboo inserts is pretty cost effective - I got 8 inserts out of a meter I bought for $16. I'd need to double those to use them without the MF, though. I also really like the Alva 4 layer MF/bamboo, but I do fear that they won't age as well as my Applecheeks bamboo inserts. I got those used for $2-3 each, and they look great. 

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