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Swim diaper and BF poop?

Do swim diapers (like the mother-ease one) work for breast feeding poop?  My baby still poops like 10x a day but it is very liquidy I feel like it will just ooze out of the cloth swim diapers. 

She is only 7 weeks but we take her swimming in the big bathtub a few times a week to prep her for the pools.  I tried once with no diaper but had to evacuate quickly after a poop explosion.  Now we use the huggies disposable swim diapers.  I'd love to switch to a cloth one but am a little worried they won't work with her poop.



Re: Swim diaper and BF poop?

  • They work if they're the right size, you need them tight around the leg especially. I haven't tried that brand. I have my swim baby. Ones that velcro in the front I think have the best fit, like Bummis Swimmi, but you have to be careful not to snag your swimsuit.
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  • I would just use one of the covers you have, or an empty pocket.
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  • Generally I'd think they'd work better than the disposable types since there's actual elastic to hold things in.
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