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Teacher Appreciation Week @ DC...What to do?

It is Teacher Appreciation Week at my DS's DC next week. We really like one of DS's teachers and the other is okay, nothing fantastic, nothing awful. I'd like to do something for them. What have you done or what would you suggest?
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Re: Teacher Appreciation Week @ DC...What to do?

  • Food (like a packaged tray or box of donuts, not homemade) or a gift card to target or a book store or something. I'd do the same thing for both of them.
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  • DD's old school was so organized about this -- on Monday you brought in a thank you card/picture from your kid, which got taped on the teacher's door for the week. Another day you brought in a single flower (so each teacher ended up with a mixed bouquet). Another day parents signed up to bring items for a teachers' breakfast. Another day the class moms all brought the teachers their favorite starbucks drink, and then on the last day I think they all got a present from the class. All the group stuff was paid from a class gift fund that parents contributed to at the beginning of the year. Expectations were totally clear, the teachers really felt honored, and it didn't cost anyone very much. Our current DC tries to be sensitive to people's financial situations by setting no expectations, which is actually a giant pain. I'll probably do some kid-art thank you's and a gift card to target.
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  • We got each of DD's two teachers a Target gift card ($15 each), and I have signed up to bring a fruit tray for a teacher appreciation breakfast on Wednesday.
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  • I think I'm going to bring in donuts or muffins...  something along those lines. 


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  • Ours was last week.  DS has 5 teachers (4 main and 1 float) and we gave them each a nice medium sized candle from Bath and Body works with a card that said...Thanks for being a scent-sational teacher.  

    In the past, I've brought in donuts or gift cards to Target.

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  • Are they doing anything through the DC for it?  I think the breakfast idea from PP...if you have a Panera...they have these huge cinnamon rolls that are pretty darn good too.
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  • Ours is also next week. I'm going to give cards and gift cards to Wawa.
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  • As a teacher myself, I love gift cards and personalized thank you notes/cards.  I also really appreciate healthy snacks like fruit and vegi trays.  A few PPs mentioned these. 
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  • Thanks, all!

    I like the idea of flowers, homemade cards, gift cards, and healthy snacks. DS only goes three days a week, so I think one day I'll send him in with small bouquets of flowers, one day homemade cards and maybe some small gift cards inside, and one day some of these yummy, healthy oat/fruit/nut muffins from a local bakery.

    eta: Hmm, DS stays at home with our regular babysitter the other two days of the week. We regularly do little treats for her (Starbucks, buy her lunch, pay for her snack if she takes DS out for a walk to the local coffee shop), but maybe I'll do a babysitter appreciation week, too, and just appreciate everyone all at once before the baby gets here, at which point I will have no time to use the bathroom, let alone appreciate anyone. :P

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  • image mainerocks:

    Too late for this year, but next year maybe you can get some parents together to organize a group gift?

    Our daycare organizes a teacher lunch plus a gift card to Target or similar. Each family chips in $20, the money is pooled, and then we are pretty much done.  We also write a note to the teach on a bulletin board and the notes are taken down and given to the teachers at the end. 


    Just curious how this gets organized?  Do you have the other parents email addresses?   

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  • Our DC is very organized too with each day being a different gift; flowers, candy, potluck, gift card, and special hand written note from your child.
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  • I picked up Lillian and there was a note from management for me in reference to teacher appreciation week. They are asking us to do the following for her teachers next week:

    Monday - spoil your teacher with a sweet treat
    Tuesday - create a cute card for your teacher
    Wednesday - flatter your teachers with flowers
    Thursday - calm your teacher with a scented candle
    Friday - surprise your teacher with a gift from the heart (something small)

    She has 3 teachers. 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
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