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BTDT MoMs and those who read Dr. Luke's book...

...are you following her weight guidelines?  I think I am on track for the weight gain, but within the past few days it has become very difficult for me to eat frequently because the pain of being full is pretty intense.

For MoMs who have already given birth, how much did you gain in your pregnancy and how much were your twins born at? 

 I never thought I would have a hard time eating, but alas, I am struggling to get mere bites down.

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Re: BTDT MoMs and those who read Dr. Luke's book...

  • I've read the book and am on target with her guidelines, but I've tried to eat more frequently, but healthier. In the past 4-6 weeks I feel like I gained too much too fast, so I'm trying to ease it up with healthy snacking. I think I was right at 23 pounds at 20 weeks. The swell is definitely starting to take a toll on my poor hands! Ay yi yi!

     I'm also interested to hear what other MOMs experiences have been with weight gain and birth weight.


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  • My pre-pg weight was 163, I ended my pg at 38w at 210. Yowza. Boys were 6.3 and 6.7 and at 4.5 weeks i'm 163.8. Sigh. Now to lose another 20...
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  • I gained about 60 lbs total. I was worried because I didn't gain 20lbs by 20 weeks, but I was doing everything I could, including smoothies and Carnation Instant Breakfast. Boys were 5lb 9 oz and 4 lb 12 oz at 37 weeks. I was induced because of growth issues with baby B. No NICU time.

    I weighed about 150 when I got pregnant and lost all of the weight in about 4 months.
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  • I blew waaaaaay past Dr. Luke's recs. I gained 70. Eeek! The girls weighed 6lb 9oz and 7lb 1oz at 36w 5d. Just eat what you can. My understanding is that babies will get what they need even if you can't eat a regular meal anymore!


  • I was 165lbs 5'4" prepregnany. I gained 35lbs. Girls were 5.10 and 5.13. 8 weeks pp now and weight 158. Though most my weight came off about 2wks pp
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  • I'm glad to hear that I don't HAVE to gain 60 pounds to have healthy babies.  I really am not sure my frame could support it without weeble wobbling over...

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  • I'm pregnant with triplets and read her book.  Her calorie intake suggestion for me is 4000 a day.  I find that to be insane and there is no way I could get that many calories down.  I'm just trying to eat healthy and every couple of hours, even if it's just a hard boiled egg and some cashews or a cheese stick and crackers.  I do drink Ensure once and sometimes twice a day to get the protein in.  They're 25g per bottle and they don't taste the best but since it's impossible for me to get 4000 calories in I figure I should drink them.  And on the days I want a milk shake or a cheeseburger, I eat it!
  • I gained about 32lbs and delivered at 36w2d , with baby a being 6lbs5oz and baby b being 6lbs 11oz.

    I dealt with HG though and lost around 15 lbs at first,was hospitalized and given a PICC line and zofran pump. My gain took a long time and a lot of work,but the girls always measured big.

  • I followed the weight recommendations as well as her protein guidelines.  There was no way I was counting calories to try and get 4000cals per day though (rec. for triplets).  I gained 67lbs, delivered at 36w1d, and my boys were 7lb5oz, 5lb12oz, and 5lb9oz.


    ETA:  Fats are important, so switch to full fat dairy and try to get a little in every meal.  I also made sure to load up on protein.  I found a protein powder that I used for making fruit smoothies and shakes and those gave me a lot more protein than any premade shake I found (ex. Ensure, Boost, Carnation, etc).



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  • I did follow her weight gain guidelines. I had gained 2 lbs by 12w (when I found out I was having twins; I got her book about a week later), about 20 lbs by 20w and 54 lbs overall by birth at 37w6d. My babies were 6lbs10oz and 6lbs7oz.

    As far as her nutrition guidelines, I ate all the recommended protein, most of the recommended dairy and about 2/3 the rec'd amount of servings in each other category. For me, that was enough to gain about 2 lbs/wk from 12w on so I couldn't have eaten more and stayed w/in her gain guidelines.

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  • I gained 17lbs.  I started my pregnancy at 5'4" and 188lbs and was 205lb when I delivered at 40wks.  The girls were 6lbs 13oz and 6lbs 9ozs.  I lost all the weight plus some by 4 wks and at almost 6 mos have kept it off and am 171 lbs.  I am exclusively breastfeeding.


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