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Sleep sheep or white noise length

Would it hurt baby if you play white noise machine all night long?

Re: Sleep sheep or white noise length

  • No
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  • No. We have it on all night. The sleep sheep I think goes off after like 30 min or so. My dd will wake up if the noise stops so we use a regular white noise machine
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  • Why would it hurt?

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  • We have a white noise machine that baby listens to all night long. 
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  • We keep white noise on all night, and during naps too.  No harm to it.
  • I'm curious, why are you worried it would hurt the baby?

    We just ordered the graco sweet slumber for my 9 month old and I'm super excited, she's such a light sleeper and her bedroom is right off my kitchen, if we play white noise or music it really helps. 

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  • I was thinking of her dependent on white noise and if we go some where like daycare or visiting and has no white noise machine it will be hard for her to adjust. Plus I wonder of her hearing too. May be it is ok.
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