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How long in newborn clothes?

My LO is 7 weeks, 11 lbs and still seems like she has a little bit of time in newborns. I hve some 03 but they aren't the best fit yet...

How long did your LO remain in newborn? What weight/height?
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Re: How long in newborn clothes?

  • It depends on how the NB sizes are made, some stuff he outgrew in 3 weeks, a few pairs of pj's he was in until 6 weeks.  We have been putting 0-3 on him since the beginning because we didnt have much newborn, and just tucked and rolled as needed.  He's almost 10 wks now and is 11 1/2 lbs


  • My LO just grew out of her nb clothes at 9 lbs (4 weeks today) but only because she's too long for them. Everything footed had to go because she couldn't straighten her legs in them. Even a lot of the onesies are too short. She's officially in 0-3 even though they're loose around her shoulders and midsection. At least they're LNG enough for her!
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  • DS was born at 8 lbs 10 oz, and was in newborn clothes for almost a month.
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  • I think my guy only wore newborn clothes for maybe three weeks.  He was 8lbs/10oz at birth and weighs 12lb/4oz now.  He's in some 0-3 and some 3 month stuff. The major issue for him was that things became too short.  He's grown 2.75 in length since he was born.  
  • Oh, wow. My LO was out of NB in about two weeks at 9.5lbs and 22". I'm going to assume each baby's body is going to be slightly different.


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  • At 5 weeks DD is just starting to outgrow some of her NB onesies. We don't have as much NB clothes as 0 to 3 month stuff, an I've decided I'm bored of it, so I've started putting her in the smaller brands of 0 to 3 month stuff. If I can trust weighing her by standing on the scale with and without her and taking the difference, she's about 8 lbs 9 oz now.

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  • DD1 and DD2 fit into NB sizes for maybe 2 weeks. They were 9.2 and 9.4 lbs at birth and gained weight quickly. At 2 weeks they were 22 and 23".

    DD3 has been slow to gain weight. She's 8.2 lbs and around 23" at 4 weeks. NB sizes still fit, but she mostly wears 03m sleepers bc that's what we have.
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  • I would say when she was about 9lbs max.  She was 8lbs even when born and wore them for about 2-3 weeks.

    We just switched her to 3-6months clothes yesterday and she is just over 10lbs6oz.  She is about 23" tall and needed the length of 3-6month clothes.

    I'm pretty surprised an 11pounder could still fit NB!


  • Yeah she's 11 lbs and maybe 21.5 to 22 inches...hopefully! She's a clunker. The newborns still seem to fit though, really weird!
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  • image VPGIRL06:
    Yeah she's 11 lbs and maybe 21.5 to 22 inches...hopefully! She's a clunker. The newborns still seem to fit though, really weird!


    I think a big part of it is parent preference as well.  What I see as small may seem big to another mom.  It's the same with diapers some parents like the loose some like them really snug they all think they are the right size though.  The more use your get out of them the better for your pocket book!


  • DS never wore NB. He was 8#7oz, 21.5 inches long, he was too long for them. Now at 5 weeks, he's getting too long for 0-3 months :-( He was 23inches at his 1 month appt



  • At almost 4 weeks, my little guy is still wearing Newborn things. I think he will get too tall for them before the size issue since he is now close to 22 inches and probably less than 8lbs. (will know for sure Wednesday)
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  • We just moved him out at 1 month. He is SO long, his sleepers won't fit but we kept a couple of the bigger gowns. I believe he is close to 9lb. 

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    DD1:  Summer didn't hit ten pounds until nearly 4 months.  We switched her from NB clothing at 2 months.  She was getting to long.

    DD2: Leah, she was really short, actually she still is, but a bit heavier.  She grew out at  6 weeks.

    DD3: Eryn, was along the same size and time line as Summer.  She is now 8 months and just moving into 6-9 month clothing.

    DN1: We have custody of my niece and nephew.  Niece since the day she came home from the hospital.  She was in NB until 4 weeks, moved to 0-3, but she needs 3-6 month sleepers.  She is quite long and only four pounds less than Eryn.  She is a valentines day baby.

  • 1 month with DD1 (7lbs 5oz 20.5in at birth), 3 weeks with this LO (7lbs 13oz, 21in)

    For both it was a length thing. They could do 2 piece outfits a bit longer but the footy pj's scrunched their poor little feet!

  • DD was 8lbs 7oz at birth and was out of nb clothes at 4 weeks.  At 7 weeks she is now about 12lbs!  She is a pretty chunky baby :) 

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  • Ha!  DS2 grew out of NB clothes before he was a week old.  He is wearing 3-6 month footed pjs because he got to be too long for 0-3 already.  No clue how much he weighs now but he's not a chunker, just super long.  He was 21.25 at birth and 22 inches at his 2 week check-up.
  • about a month...  she still fit into a few pants until about 6w.

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  • A lot depends on the clothing manufacturer. DS is already too big for his Gerber's 0-3 onesies, yet he can still wear a few Carter's NB items. DS was born at 8lbs 4oz, 19.5 inches, and is up to around 10-11lbs, not 100% on his actual length right now. We started noticing about 1-1/2 weeks ago that his Gerber's onesies were fitting a little snug.


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    Yeah she's 11 lbs and maybe 21.5 to 22 inches...hopefully! She's a clunker. The newborns still seem to fit though, really weird!


    This. DD is 12 weeks, a little over 12 lbs and over 24 inches, and she STILL wears newborn clothes. Of course, no footie pj's, but onesies and snap up pj's still fit. She's long and lanky but very stout. 0-3 months fit well, but 3-6 months are way too big.

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