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Non Stress test

My doctor is doing a non stress test on Friday. What should I expect? She said be prepared just in case we do a c section that day.  I'll be 36 weeks and at my ultra sound last week the boys were about 5lbs 11oz and 6lbs2oz ... So I know we are in a good range. But just wondering what she is looking for on the non stress test, and what they do.

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  • They will have you hooked up to three monitors: one for each baby's heart rate and one for your contractions. They also gave me a button to press every time I felt movement. Each baby should have a certain number of heart rate accelerations in the designated time period. They will also look for frequency of contractions if you are having any. My first NST was how I discovered what I had been feeling were actually contractions. My MFM booked NSTs for 20 minutes, but would let me go for 50 minutes if a baby was being non reactive...i.e, not having the required amount of accelerations. My Baby B was almost always nonreactive, so I would get a BPP on him after the NST.

    If they haven't already told you, try to eat or drink something cold and sugary right before the test. It's important that the babies are awake. If they aren't active, they'll probably give you some juice or ice water. My nurse and DH would also poke the babies to get them to jump around.
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  • thank you for asking this - I'm due to get a NST in a few weeks and was wondering this myself!  Sounds simple enough!
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