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I had my 6 week follow up and asked my OB this question and we had a talk about an IUD. Anyone have any experience they could share?

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Re: Contraception?

  • My experience with the IUD is not typical, so keep that in mind, but I got one after having DS and during insertion, one "arm" of the IUD poke through my uterus.  It hurt really bad but I figured I just had a really low tolerance for pain or something.  I went home, was in horrible pain all day and went in the next morning to have an ultrasound to see what was wrong.  They had to remove it and then I went on the minipill shortly after. 

    This time I will go on the minipill even though the chances of the IUD insertion not going well is slim.

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  • I had Mirena inserted when DS was a few months old. I didn't even feel it go in. I had some cramping for a day or 2 afterward, and spotted for a few months after insertion, which is normal. Now, my periods are infrequent, light, and have few side effects (i.e., no more cramping, acne, etc). I still bloat pretty bad, which is the only downfall. If I didn't check my strings periodically, I wouldn't even know its there.

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  • I got the Mirena at 6 week check up, and I wasn't sore at all. However, I bled like AF style for 6 weeks, and have been on and off spotting ever since, so for the past 4 weeks about. Other than that, it's been well. Although, I have a friend who had a very similar experience to the first poster, so that's always in the back of my mind, even if it is pretty rare.
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  • I had the Mirena IUD after DS1 was born.  Loved it.  Insertion and removal were easy.  No issues with it at all.
  • If anyone has questions/concerns about Mirena PM me, I can give you some helpful advice Smile
  • I had the Mirena and absolutely hated it.  Almost as soon as it was put in I had diahrea with every BM, my appetite was out of control and I fealt like I couldn't quit eating and my periods were so painful I was a wreck for several days.  6 months later I had enough, as soon as it was out none of the previous things were an issue.  One of my gf's had many of the same problems and another gf absolutely loves it.  I'm considering getting the one they put in the arm but I'm worried it'll have the same effect.
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