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Anyone else?  I thought I would be able to avoid them, but no....they decided to show up this weekend.  Two of them.  Ugh.  I'm not even sure what caused them, I really haven't had constipation or anything (a few times this pregnancy, but nothing regular).  All I can think is just weight from the uterus pressing down and extra blood flow--I feel pretty achy generally in my groin/pelvic area.

Any advice on what to do?  I'm lucky, so far they don't hurt, but they look terrifying!  Will these go away after birth?   

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Re: Hemorrhoids...

  • I think I got them around 25-30 weeks with DS. I've already got them this pregnancy. I haven't had any constipation problems with either pregnancy. They just happen. I like to use the calming version of Prep H paired with the Prep H wet wipes. Trying to wipe with toilet paper is horrific imo. The wet wipes really help. I've heard people say good things about Tucks wet wipes but honestly those just burn for me. They get worse and better. Hopefully you'll get some relief soon!

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    Hi enddea

    i had them just from baby, no constipation during PG.

    take a sitz bath at least once a day when they are bugging you and ask your OB for something topical (I had procto.foam). They came and went in pg usually related to how much standing I was doing but they were the hardest part of my recovery post delivery. If you deliver vaginally make sure you have something for them on hand before leaving the hospital. GL. 

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  • Ugh, yes I'm *enjoying* them now.  They started bothering me when I hadn't even been constipated, and I think it was just from extra weight pushing down.  They're not terrible (yet) but I imagine they will only get worse.  Fun, fun.

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  • Oh yeah, it's a fun time.  Use the medicated cream (I use the Target brand) and the medicated wipes (again I use the Target brand).  Mine have been from a combo of the weight and constipation.  I have been taking a stool softener throughout the entire pregnancy. 

    And usually, once you get them they never really go away, although they become way less inflamed and won't hurt unless they get irritated again.

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