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2u2 in cloth come in!

We are expecting 2u2....so tell me what works best for your 2in cloth past newborn stage
Sized? OS?
AIOs? Hybrid system? I don't like pockets so those are out and stuffing for 2 seems horrendous to me haha

How often do you wash for 2?

Trying to figure out how to best adjust my stash for bebe 2! :
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Re: 2u2 in cloth come in!

  • I think it's really personal preference.  I prefer prefolds on my girls when they were under 1.  After that, I prefer pockets.  So I've never really had my girls in the same diapers.  Does that make sense?  There were always some diapers that were for DD#1, and some that were specifically for DD#2.  I washed them together every other day.  It really didn't seem like much more laundry than with 1 in diapers.  :)
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  • We are a PF family from day 1. We do have a few fitteds in our stash, but I can't remember the last time they got used.

    We love the ease of trifolding and going. No stuffing required. Plus, there are so many other ways to fold if necessary to get a different fit. (We never snappi, either.)
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  • nattnnattn
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    Something I quickly realized was that I didn't actually need two complete sets of diapers. Our washer is only so big so even though I had plenty of diapers to wash EOD, I still had to wash every day just to keep up. OS diapers work the best for us, that way if one girl goes through a bunch more for some reason, we aren't out, we just have to snap or unsnap the rise on the other girl's if that make since.

  • I'm probably not much help since I use pockets but I use OS on my toddler and P&Ns on my NB.  My OS stash is big enough that when my NB outgrows his P&Ns they will both be in the OS. 

    I wash both of their diapers in the same load and wash about every 2 days instead of the 3 days when it was just my toddler.  I could go longer if I wanted to wash two loads at once but washing sooner keeps me at 1 large load.

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  • My 2 yr old is out of diapers now and we use mostly pockets, but my 2u2 advice is that we loved hybrids for the diaper bag.
    I could put them both in a grovia or flip or best bottoms shell with either a prefold or the inserts that go with the diapers and then only pack one extra cover and a few inserts. It is unlikely that they would both need a new cover and the inserts would work for either girl so we could bring less.
    Saving room in the diaper bag is key!
  • We wash every other day and it doesn't seem like that much since my older boy doesn't go through as many diapers and since we are sloooowly potty training I can occasionally get him to use the toilet instead of diapers as well. They are 20 months apart. We did end up buying some more OS diapers since we used prefolds and covers with my first with a few pockets for babysitters. Ds2 can't stand to feel wet even with the fleece liners so he doesn't wear many prefolds unless it is laundry day. Since I went back to work and the boys started daycare they needed pockets so that it was easier for them so we bought a bunch of kawaiis. Stuffing isn't too bad since I just do it while the boys are asleep and I'm watching tv. And like pp says it makes packing the diaper bag easier since its just a simple rise adjustment if needed.
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  • I use BG4.os pretty exclusively.  We have a few prefolds and flips.  I do wind up washing everyday.  I probably came close to doubling my stash.  We have hard water and a high efficiency washer so it takes forever for me to wash diapers since it's hard to get them rinsed.
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