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I was originally told that this can be done between 18 and 20 weeks. So I called today to schedule it for June 7th. I will be 18w2d and DH and I already have that day off work for my birthday. So I thought it would be nice to have it on a day that we both already have off work so that we don't have to take additional time off, and a nice birthday gift to me :-)

Well, the scheduling nurse told me that they really don't like doing them before 19 weeks. So she's going to check with the Dr on Monday and call me back to let me know.

For those of you that are further along and found out what you're having, how far along were you when you found out?


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Re: Anatomy Scan

  • We found out a bit early. I had to go in for an ultrasound a little before 16 weeks because of some spotting and they were able to tell us the sexes of the babies. They confirmed the sexes during our anatomy scan at 20 weeks.


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  • I think technically, it can be done between 18 and 22 weeks.  Mine was scheduled at 21w3d, just because I unfortunately had an standard appointment at 17 1/2 weeks and I was still within the window for my appointment the next month.  

    I was too antsy to wait that long, so we paid for an elective u/s around 17w6d to find out the gender.  We found out girl at that u/s, and it was confirmed at my A/S. 

    Good luck you get your A/S soon and Happy Friday to you too! 

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    IUI #1 and #2 (8/12, 9/12)- 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel = BFNs
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  • I had my anatomy scan at exactly 19w and we found out the gender on that day.  I had it done at the MFM at the hospital and they also said the same thing and would not schedule it before 19w. 

    Happy Friday!

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    12/20 1st u/s, 12/27 2nd u/s with a heartbeat!, 1/3 3rd u/s & released from RE

    EDD: 8/21/13

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  • The ultrasound tech guessed girl at 13 weeks-but said it is still early, so don't paint the nursery yet.  We went for an elective ultrasound at 18 weeks and they confirmed girl.  Had an anatomy scan at 20 weeks-and still a girl!  They can tell fairly early, but remember an anatomy scan is to check all of your baby, not just to tell you the gender!  This is why they may want you to wait.  For my anatomy scan we got an estimated weight-a whopping 14oz (in the 60th percentile), checked the head, heart, kidneys, stomach, feet, arms, head and legs.  Also the umbilical cord, placenta and length of my cervix (with a trans-vaginal ultrasound).  I have to have a fetal echo at 24 weeks-and they were very strict about the date-I couldn't schedule it on my day off because I will only be 23w6days!  One day off!! I guess they do it at certain dates for a reason-but yes, very frustrating!

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    Starting injections for IVF Dec. 1st. Praying for the Christmas gift of a lifetime!!!

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    12/16 ET

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    12/31 Ultrasound showed...TWINS!!!!!!

    2/4 Ultrasound showed one baby with HR of 174 and one angel baby.


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  • I found out with this baby at 12 weeks and a few days (ultrasound at MFM). With DS I found out around 15 1/2 weeks at an ultrasound. I've had good luck with ultrasounds though.


  • We paid for the elective scan yesterday to find out early. Our OB doesn't do them until 20 weeks.

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  • My MFM did an early anatomy scan at 16 weeks. 
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    C & D were born on 5/16/13 at 10:46 am and 10:47 am

  • 21 weeks and 1 day over here.  It was almost a blessing to have to wait.  Now my house is all blue with boy stuff, but I know it would have been that way much sooner had we told our families earlier.  Looking back DH and I had so much fun guessing that we my be team green if we are luck enough to get pregnant again!

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    IVF #1 September 2012, beta #1: 213; beta #2: 580. Expecting Twins! 
    EDD 6/9 lost one angel at 9w3d :( 
    Baby boy arrived 6/1/13
    FET #1 10/14, BFP -Chemical Pregnancy :(
    Everyone Welcome

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  • Ours was done at 19 weeks.  We had to have a repeat one at 21 weeks but it had nothing to do with problems determining the gender.
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    IVF #1 in August 2012: BFP!
    L was born on May 5, 2013, 8lb. 6oz.
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  • I get ultrasounds every other week because I am high risk and a nervous wreck.  But I still have not found out what I am having - little stinker keeps hiding the goods :P Shocking that this child would be difficult for the doctors.   Maybe Tuesday!  Good luck with your testing!
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    Beta 2 1-2-13 - 31
    Beta 3 1-4-13 - 53
    Beta 4 1/9 - 212!
    Ultrasound 1/10 - Nothing completely empty uterus Beta 1/14 - 743; Beta 1/17 - 1704 ultrasound shows nothing. Officially a miscarriage. 1/21 Beta 3900 Dr. says it ectopic. Ultrasound shows a miracle heartbeat right in the uterus where it belongs! Dr. says I can be cautiously optomistic!!! Hang in there baby!
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  • My Dr won't let me come in until I'm close to 20 weeks. Hopefully you can find out on your birthday though!!
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  • With twins I was told that 18 weeks is the earliest. I think we had our a/s at 18.5 weeks and it was fine. The real point is to check the anatomy of the babies, not determine their gender. The doctor wants the babies to be big enough to see the internal anatomy. However, 18 weeks should be late enough for a gender prediction too. We were told two girls at our anatomy scan at 18.5 weeks and it has been confirmed at every scan since - every other week since 24 weeks.
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  • Our tech told us at 13 weeks 5 days that she was 99% sure it was a boy. I go back in on Wednesday and they can confirm this for me, I will be 15 weeks and 4 days. and then my true anatomy scan is scheduled for 18 weeks. 
    ME- 35    DH- 40
    TTC #1 
    IVF#1 w ICSI- 4/20/11 ER, 6 Eggs, 4 Fertilized, 4/25/11 5 day ET, 2 blasts- 5/4- Beta= BFN- No Frosties 

    IVF #2 w ICSI-6/21/11 ER, 4 Eggs, 2 Fertilized, 6/24/11 3 day ET 2 embryos- Beta 7/5/11- BFN- No frosties.
    NEW RE
    IUI #1- started 50ius of follistim 1/25, IUI 2/3/12 - BFN
    AMH-0.73- DOR 2/2012

    IUI #2- 3/17/12 started 200ius of Follistim , 3/24/12 added ganirelix, 225ius Follistim and 75ius of repronex, IUI- 3/30/12, Beta April 13, 2012-BFN

    Appointment with Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM July 18, 2012
    AMH tested again 1/2013- 1.4!!!!
    IUI #3- 1/14/13 started 200ius of Follistim, 1/20/13 added menopur and ganirelix, IUI 1/25/13. Positive HPT 2/6/13- Beta #1- 193- BFP!!! 2/8/13-Beta#2-426.6
    2/26 ultrasound #1- TWINS!
    Delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy on 10/17/13 10ls. 2 ounces

    TTC #2 
    IUI #4 cancelled due to only one egg responding 
    IUI#5 cancelled on CD 10,  (3) follicules were still very small even on 300 IU's of Follistim. Also found fluid in my uterus from C-section scar
    BFP- 8/9/15 
    Beta #1 8/10/15 13DPO-   9.2 (fingers crossed this sticks)
    Beta #2 8/12/15 15DPO   39- progesterone 18 
    Beta #3 8/14/15    111- progesterone 17.5
    Ultrasound August 31- 

    PAIF or SAIF Welcome


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