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Growth Spurts and Daytime Sleep

LO usually goes 3 hours between feedings but she's going through the notorious 6 week growth spurt and is sleeping longer. Would you wake her for the 3 hour deal or let her sleep?

And she has no problem gaining weight. Birth weight was 8.1 and current weight is 11.3.

Re: Growth Spurts and Daytime Sleep

  • Why would you wake her up?
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  • Pedi recommended waking her every 3 hours to eat but maybe that was just to get her days and nights switched back to normal?
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  • I also question about waking DS. I would like him to start STTN at some point in the next two weeks as I go back to work and everywhere I've read says to keep them on a 'schedule' of eating every 3 hrs but I hate to wake him. 
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  • I wake my LO after 3 hours after her last bottle if for some reason she wants to sleep through it. I wait until she's in an active part of her sleep cycle though, so it's not as jarring.

    I want her to get her calories in during the day as much as possible....I can't always control that obviously since her stomach can only hold so much but I have noticed the days she eats 700 to 750 mL she will sleep 7 to 8 hours that night
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  • I would wake during the day.
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  • I wouldn't wake her.  If she's going through her growth spurt, she needs her sleep too.  Our Ped told us that as long as DS is gaining weight and not ALWAYS sleeping longer than 3 hours, the occasional longer rest period is perfectly fine.  My step-mom is a Ped also and has told us multiple times that it's perfectly fine to let him sleep a little longer from time to time.  I wouldn't do let him do it all the time, but he's good about eating every 2-2.5 hours during the day, so when he sleeps for 4 hours at night, we let him (one night he slept 5 hours! 

    I also found when we woke him for a feeding, he ate less because he wasn't ready for it and would fall asleep halfway through .. it totally screwed him up.

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    I wouldn't wake either. During his 3 week growth spurt, DS slept more during the day but his nightly routine didn't change. His 6 week spurt he actually slept less during the day and a little longer at night, which he's kept up even after that one was over.


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  • I've been dealing with this too. My LO took a 5 hour nap yesterday! I feel like that is excessive but I didn't want to wake her either since she is 6 weeks and may be going through a growth spurt. Today it seemed like she was going to do that again but we had a Dr. appointment so I had to wake her at some point. I just kind of gently touched her cheeks or hands and waited for her to just sort of wake up before getting her fully awake. Like pp said as long as she's past her birth weight and is gaining at a good rate why wake her? Get some stuff done around the house or take a nap yourself :)
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