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Best NB CD?

Hi all!  We're not expecting #2 yet, but I am keeping my eyes on the CD swaps and M2M sales for more fluff to add to my stash.  I know that with #2 I want to do cloth from the beginning, but don't know what is best for those tiny babes.  My favorite diapers with DS are Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 and BG 4.0s.  What do you think of NB BGs?  I am also considering fitteds.  We currently use them at night for DS and I have never had a leak!  But they are a little more work. :-(

I'm pretty jaded on SunBaby and Kawaii, as I have some used ones that are horrible.  (IDK how old they are though.)  I'm not interested in Alvas either, just for the simple reason that they are cheaply made in China.

So, what do you think I should stock up with to prep for #2?? 

Oh, also, I did use a diaper service (prefolds) for the first month with DS and HATED them. 

Edit: Does anyone have any experience with Thirsties Duo with a newborn?  We used one until he was about 3 months old, but didn't use it until after that first month.  Do they fit newborns well or are they a little bulky? 

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Re: Best NB CD?

  • I only had 1 NB BG and looooved it.  It fit my under 6lbers from birth.  I wish I had several more.  I also loved the FB NB, although they didn't fit in the legs for a couple weeks.
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  • My favorites have been the GroVia NB AIO and the Swaddlebees NB Simplex AIO. They both still fit my DS pretty good and he's 1 month today. I love the Swaddlebees because I can add absorbency. He has recently started soaking the GroVia pretty quickly though.


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  • DD outgrew the absorbency of the BG nb AIOs at 3 weeks old. Obviously every baby is different but I would have been really annoyed had that been my entire stash since she was still too small to fit into OS diapers. If I had to do it over again, I would probably skip them.

    I know you said you don't like Kawaii, but I thought their Pure & Natural pocket diapers were fantastic. They fit 6-22 lbs, so far longer than most 'newborn' diapers. If I was having another baby I would definitely want at least a dozen of them. They were a far better value than the BGs, IMO.


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  • nattnnattn
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    We tried a bunch of different NB diapers with DD2, including but not limited to Grovias, Swaddlebees, B4s, Little Joeys, and Blueberry pockets. Hands down, the best use of our money were the Swaddlebees Simplexes!

    The Swaddlebees fit WAY longer than any of the others. They were actually the only ones that made it all the way until the OS were fitting her good. I love that they have a snap down for the cord so I didn't have to try to fold a diaper under her cord or wait until it fell off. The absorbency was much better than any of the others. The only downside IMO is that they are not stay dry. DD1 never minded being wet, but DD2 hated it. It wasn't that big of deal since you change NBs so often anyway, I just wish they were stay dry like the OS Simplexes.

    My second favorite were GMD workhorses with Thirsties covers. They are a lot of bang for your buck! They contained the runny BM poo like no other! She did however, outgrow the absorbency a couple weeks before the Simplexes. They did last longer than the rest of our NB stash though. They are also not stay dry and they don't have the snap down for the cord.

    I sold all of my NB stash except for the Simplexes and Workhorses. If I had a money tree, I would have all Simplexes.

  • Very helpful, thanks!  I'll keep that in mind about the Kawaiis.  Like I said, my Kawaiis are used, and for all I know, are super old!  Good to know that the BG 4.0 NB didn't last long enough!  I never thought that there could be a gap period between sizes.  Maybe I'll only get a couple of those.  :-) 

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  • my thirsties duos fit from birth and still fit, though ds was 9lbs 1oz at birth. if i had to go back, i would get more of those.

    i hated the pure and natural...but mostly because they were tough for my giant hands to stuff!
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  • I feel like I've tried a little bit of everything when it comes to NB diapers.  I haven't tried the Swaddlebees though-- maybe I'll get one.  My favorites have been the GMD orange edge with a hemp doubler, my Tots Bots Tiny Fit (never leaked, dries super fast, great absorbancy).  I also like the Stretch Bamboozle (fitteds), and they last a little more than just NB.  I love my Imagine diapers-- both the bamboo and the stay dry.  Losers have been BG aio's--- leaked every time and my GMD fitteds-- they were too big around her legs.  Lil Joey's haven't leaked at all, but get a weird musty smell that none of my other diapers have.  
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  • My LO is 5 weeks, and the NB BGs still work just fine for her. I wouldn't use them at night, but we have yet to have leaks during the day. We also have some XS FB and Charlie bananas, both are still working fine, just not my favorites.

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  • We had lots of leaks with everything except prefolds & Thirsties covers. We now use only pockets, but for the first couple months, prefolds were the best. 

    Oh, I just reread your post and saw that you hated prefolds. Other than that, our next favorite was our Thirsties Duos. They seemed to fit pretty well right away, but like I said, we had leaks.  

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  • Swaddlebees newborn were our favorite.
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