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recipes for stain remover/pre-treater??

Hi all - I've seen recipes for homemade/eco- and CD-friendly laundry detergent shared on this board from time to time.  But I was wondering if anyone here knows a good recipe for a homemade laundry stain remover or pre-treater for poopy diapers?  I EBF and have had really great experiences using Biokleen Bac-Out on my dipes - we take the poopy ones off of DS's bum, spray with the Bac-Out, and put them in the pail liner till its time to wash the next morning.  My diapers (prefolds and fitteds mostly) have zero stains.

My only complaint about Bac-Out is that its expensive!!!  About $15 per 32 oz. bottle on Amazon.  Also I can't seem to find it locally so I'm stuck ordering online (I do have Amazon Prime, so free 2-day shipping, but still - a pain to have to order something like this).  It would be awesome if I could make something at home that is natural, diaper-friendly, and inexpensive.  Thanks in advance for ideas.

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Re: recipes for stain remover/pre-treater??

  • Another vote for the sun. I haven't had a stain that wasn't able to be sunned out.
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  • Sun, it works on old stains as well.
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    Yet another vote for the sun.  I wash every three days, so my EBF poopy diapers are sitting there for a while.  THey come out of the washer still pretty stained, but after hanging in the sun for a couple of hours, they're white and sparkling again.  Way cheaper than Bac-Out or a stain stick.  :)
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