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Coconut Oil Question

For those that use it, do you melt it?  I have been using it as a solid, but now that it is friggin hot here in AZ it has melted completely.  Still usable?
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Re: Coconut Oil Question

  • Mine melted too! Hope it's still ok.
  • Ya. It melts on the skin... Why wouldn't it be okay? Might be a bit of a PITA to get from the container to bum in liquid form but doable. It should solidify and be good as new with cooler weather.
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  • Just throw it in the fridge. It's a pain to get out but if you just twist a butter knife in it enough shaves off for cooking, or whatever clever idea you use yours for : mine has to stay on the fridge from April October since its about 85 in my house, ugh..
  • Yes, still safe. You can cool it down if you prefer it solid.
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  • image Meggy T.:

     I agree with PP about storing in the fridge! 

    I tried using homemade deoderant, which was mostly coconut oil. In the summer it would melt, so I would store it in the fridge. It's harder to get out, but it stays solid then! I stored the deoderant in an empty used container, so I could turn the dial and push product out. I wonder if you could pour the melted coconut oil into something like an empty chapstick container, so then you could just turn the dial and rub on the product instead of trying to scrap it out. Just a thought!


    We store ours in an old CJ's stick o butter tube. Works like a charm. 

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