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Tiny tush diaper question & rate my stash

Hi Ladies!

First, I wanted to ask about Tiny Tush diapers. Do you have any experience with them? I just bought a Tiny Tush Elite OS pocket on Spot's Corner, and as an afterthought I'm hoping that it's not just another rebranded alva.

Also, we are expecting our first LO any day now, and I was wondering if you would rate my stash ( we plan to wash every other day). So far I have: 

Swaddlebees newborn AIO x3

Thirsties XS covers x2 

Thirsties Duo Wrap size 1 x2 

Cottonbabies indian cotton prefolds, infant size x24

Babykicks OS hemp inserts x6

Blueberry OS coveralls x3 (2 of them are seconds)

Flip OS cover x1

Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2 x2

BG 4.0s x 11 (4 of them are seconds)

BG elemental x1 (seconds)

Snappis x2

Planetwise medium wetbag x1

Planetwise pail liner x1 (I know that we need at least 1 more liner and wetbag)

CJ's BUTTer cream 4oz. tube

I was waiting to buy any of the larger prefolds until we decide whether we like the prefolds or pockets better. We also have about 15 washcloths that we can use as wipes, but we are going to be using babyganics disposable wipes at least initially because DH does not like the idea of reusable wipes. 


Re: Tiny tush diaper question & rate my stash

  • Hi, Congrats on you soon to be new arrival. This is Charlene from Tiny Tush! I wanted to quickly answer your question about the origin of our Tiny Tush Elite Pocket Diapers. We have been in business since 2000.  They have always been made here in the USA. I am not sure which version of the Elite Pocket Diapers you have but you can check on our website. http://www.tinytush.com. The Elite 2.0 has made in the USA insert but the older versions have imported (so the inserts may have been imported.)  I hope I have answered your question about the origin of the diaper.  I will be happy to answer any questions I can. Have a great week. 

    All the best, Charlene


  • I don't have experience with their diapers,but I love their fitted,I have the tiny tush hemp/organic cotton,they are great,they absorb a lot,very easy to wash,and very affordable comparing to other fitted,I'm planing to get some again for my new baby.
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  • Charlene was at our great cloth diaper change!!!
    Tiny tush created in Wisconsin!
    I have a fitted. I'm nervous to let it go alone without an extra hemp or bamboo insert but with that it works great! I love it. I do want to getiquette a couple more. They are easy to keep clean and they are affordable compared to others!

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