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Long Day at the ER...

Yup...I spent the day at the ER today  - not fun. This afternoon I had a lot of bleeding and was freaking out, so DH took me to the ER. I called my OB and that was pretty much pointless. So we went and waited and waited. They did some bloodwork and gave me IV fluids before doing the ultrasound. The tech said she wasn't allowed to discuss the results with any ER patients, but she did turn the screen to me and showed me LO with that lovely flickering heartbeat! I started crying all over again..Anyway after we waited and waited some more the doctor came in and said that everything looked good on the ultrasound and that my HCG levels were somewhere over 100,000,and the heart rate was around 160 which made me feel so much better. So they did diagnose it as a 'threatened miscarriage', but I am not too concerned. I just wanted to see that heart beating!!! So they told me to increase my fluids and get some rest, and to follow up with my OB asap. The bleeding has slowed down a lot too, so that's also reassuring! Sorry if this is long and might not make much sense, as I am exhausted and feeling pretty weak. I still don't have an exact cause for this craziness, but its probably related to crinone and my own 'abnormal uterine bleeding'.

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Re: Long Day at the ER...

  • I am glad that you went to get chacked and that you got to see that little heartbeat.  Its amazing how fast that little flicker calms you down right?  Are you calling the OB tomorrow?  Good luck! 
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  • Did they say anything about a possible SCH? Glad you got checked.
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    Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


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  • Glad you and LO are ok. Sounds like quite a scare.
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  • Thanks girls, it was probably the scariest day of my life. They never mentioned an SCH. I just called my OB and they are seeing me this morning!
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