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European breast pump recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good breast pump that works with the European range of volts/hertz?  We live in a 220v region.

I want a double electric, as that it what I have used with my two boys while working full time.  I have a 110v Medela PISA but it is worn out.  I could run it with the battery pack or on a transformer, but both options do not seem ideal.  I would not be surprised if the motor on that thing is ready to go out (EPed for 13 months with #1 and pumped working FT for 16 months with #2). 

I have been browsing and found the Medela Freestyle (305 euro) and Swing Maxi (200 euro) but not much else.  Just checking to see if anyone has any recommendations.  Thanks! 

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Re: European breast pump recommendations?

  • No recommendations, but I've found it's possible to find many US brands available for sale in Europe using EU voltage. and might have options. I've also found to have some good EU versions and all you need is a cheap plus/adapter. Our local stores sell some US branded pumps, but they are crazy expensive compared to online prices.

    Good luck!


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  • When I pumped with both of my DDs (9 weeks with DD1 and 3 weeks with DD2, so nowhere near what you were doing with your LOs!! I am in awe of anyone who can EP that long), I used a hospital grade Medela Harmony. Where do you live? Here in Germany you get a prescription for a pump when you leave the hospital, at least I have both times, and then you can rent a hospital-grade one for free from pharmacies. You have to put down a deposit and have to get a new prescription from the pedi or OB every 4 weeks, but hey, it's free, and the pharmacy I rented from was a 10 min walk away, so it wasn't that big of a deal to take the prescriptions down there.

    And if you're wondering about hygiene, when you rent the pump you have to buy a set of tubing that comes with the... can't think of the word... the part that goes over your breast... and a bottle. So that part is yours to keep.

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  • I use the Ameda Lactaline which is the international version of the double pump I used in the US. If you go to Their website it will direct you to their international distributors.
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