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Soon to move to Valparaiso.

Hey Everyone!  

My boyfriend and I are moving from central Illinois to Valparaiso in early June.  We are very excited but also really nervous about moving and experiencing our last months of pregnancy in a new place.  Anyone from around there that has advice on ob doctors, pediatricians, childcare facilities, the best grocery store, anything at all!  

We are due September 25th!  Thanks, everyone! 

Re: Soon to move to Valparaiso.

  • Hi there...for ob I see ob gyne associates in valpo. its a ladies group, dr murphy delivered ds. I like them all.
    For pedi...associated peds. right next to ob gyne. we have seen campbell ludwig have heard good things about brukata sp. hope you have smooth move. lots in the area as far as shopping restaurants. also, bellaboos in lake station is fun for kids...when he/she is a little older.
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  • Thanks so much!  I'll definitely check the ob doctor out.  Good to know there are good services! 
  • image sydella21:
    Thanks so much!  I'll definitely check the ob doctor out.  Good to know there are good services! 

    you're welcome! also, if you deliver in valpo the hospital was brand new this past fall! :) good luck to you!

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  • Welcome to the neighborhood! Valpo is a great city and I hope you and your family enjoy living there! DH and I take DD to a pedi in Merrillville (the town next to Valpo). His name is Dr. Clark Kramer at Child Life Center just off Broadway. He was my pedi growing up and he also took care of DH and his sisters. He's a great doctor and wonderful with kids. He's a little dry and very business-like with parents but he won't steer you wrong. :) 
  • I am moving to Crown Point in July and am due Sept 24th!

    I am also on the look for a doctor, peditrician etc right now -- we should share notes! 

  • Our updated progress is that we've got an apartment and sign our lease tomorrow!  I'm all about Valparaiso--it's such a nice spot.  I saw there was a brand new hospital there.  Can I deliver there, does anyone know?
  • Yes, you can deliver there. I am due in June, and will be delivering at Porter Regional Hospital. You just have to find a doctor that goes to that hospital. I go to Dr. Jones/Dr. Weirsing. I really like them. I will have associated Peds as my pediatrician. Welcome to Valpo..It is a nice area for sure!
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