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ob/gyn rec at cedars sinai

Does anyone know a good ob/gyn that delivers at cedars sinai and takes blue shield hmo?  

Re: ob/gyn rec at cedars sinai

  • I don't know if she takes blue shield HMO, but Dr. Michealyn Wilson is great.
  • I really like Dr. Brock. I have been going to him for 8 years with Blue Shield HMO. 
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  • Dr. Barry Brock is fantastic.  You'd have to call his office to check on the Blue Shield.
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  • I was with Dr. Ewina Fung before I switched to a midwife, and I really liked her. She's at Cedars and I know she takes BCBS, though I have a PPO not an HMO (but I would think it is pretty standard of them to accept it- it is a large office and even larger
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  • Dr.Ruth Cousineau is amazing!!! She is at Women's Care of Beverly Hills
  • Just delivered 3 weeks ago with Dr. Keren Lerner and loved her. During my pregnancy I had appointments with Dr. Brock, Dr. Fung, and Dr. Lerner and I loved Lerner the most. My induction (due to high blood pressure) took days and Dr. Lerner was amazing. Sh
  • I have seen 2 doctors within Dr. Brock's office. I went to Dr. Monica Lee before I got pregnant, and I liked her a lot. I had to schedule a last minute appointment with Elinor Pullen when Dr. Lee was booked, and I liked her so much I decided to make her m
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