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Back pain 4 weeks pp

I had a c section 3/27/  When they did the spinal I felt the pinch much more on my left side than my right.  When they stuck me I felt like my back spasmed.  I am breastfeeding and feed in my bed in the motn.  Often times I wind up falling asleep in a semi sitting position.  My back is KILLING ME!  But I did notice that it is exactly where I felt the pinch and spasm during the spinal.  The last few days the pain has gotten a lot worse.  It's spasming again and the pain is now down my back into my hip and down my leg into the back of my knee.  (Very unlike sciatic pain)  Do you think it's just sitting up or could this be from the spinal.  
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Re: Back pain 4 weeks pp

  • I am having something similiar- along with spasms running up my back.  When I talked with my OB he said that it may be left overs from the spinal.  However, it is also related to the muscles in your back getting put back where they were and your
  • I had my c-section on 1/25.  I felt a pinch, and tingling on the left side of my body when they did the spinal.  Every once in a while I get a real sore-like pain in my back where the spinal was administered.  I asked my OB about it, and he
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