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starting preschool tips? what to bring?

We're starting preschool next month and our girls have been home with DH and I since birth.  Just wondering if anyone has any tips to ease the transition. 

 I also have no idea what to bring/wear/etc and what not to bring/wear/etc. 

any advice is much appreciated!   

Re: starting preschool tips? what to bring?

  • We have to send a spare change of clothes in case of accidents.  Also, DD still naps, so we had to provide a sheet, blanket, and pillow(they have mats).  We have a choice to bring lunch or buy their lunch - we send lunch, so lunch box, thermo

  • Spare set of clothes that are appropriate for the season for a gallon bag. Label EVERYTHING with their names...down to their mittens in wintertime.  Something our preK teacher pointed out is that at  home their things are the only chil
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  • The preschool should provide of list of the items that they need.  They should wear comfy clothes that can get messy and keep an extra set of clothes in their bags.  My kids have always used a backpack that can fit a full extra outfit plus a swe
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  • A lot depends on the school. They are usually pretty specific with what they want the kids to bring. I personally, always pack a change of clothes that stays in her backpack at all times. Dress them comfortably. I think it is easy to want to dress them cu
  • Thanks ladies!!
  • The teacher gave us a short list of what to bring and we just followed that. (For the 3's class, a spare change of clothes, socks in case they use the indoor playground, and that's about it. We also had to bring in some specific school supplies at the

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  • I'd like to keep them in the same class until they want to be separated or it becomes a problem.  I have a couple of friends who have said this usually doesn't happen til around 3rd grade.  We'll see!


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