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have to pack what?

I am having a c-section this time due to health reasons. I am sure this is asked time and time again but what are some necessitates that I must have in my hospital bag?
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Re: have to pack what?

  • With DD, she was an emergency C-section, which I hadn't planned for. For this one though, I have a list of stuff I want to take...the most important to me is my own underwear. The hospital gives some kind of weird panties (some ladies like them but I H

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  • Hair ties, chapstick, cell phone charger, camera with charged battery, comfy socks.

    I preferred a loose maternity gown to dealing with pants and a surgical incision.

    I am also a weirdo and liked the hospital mesh granny panties and giant pa


  • It's really not that different than what you would pack for a vaginal delivery.

    My c-section was unplanned, and I did just fine with what I brought.

    The biggest difference I can think of is your going-home outfit - you need something that w

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  • Granny panties.  I hated the mesh panties from the hospital.  I know a lot of people love them but I got really itchy after both my c-sections and the mesh panties aggravated that.

    Flip-flops.  My feet swelled like crazy and I coul

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  • If you plan on bringing "real" clothes (not wearing the hospital gown the whole time) DEFINITELY pack clothes that are comfortable and loose even as you go into the hospital.  I packed things I *thought* would be comfortable last time around and t

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  • For the going home outfit, I suggest a loosely fitting dress and flip-flops. I wore a maternity dress home, but the bust was almost too small because my milk had come in and I was HUGE and engorged for about a week or so. Just something to keep in mind

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  • I was sent to the hospital and had an emergency csection straight from my OB appt. So I didn't even have my hospital bag with me until the next day. The hospital supplied everything I 'needed' but things I was excited about getting when my bag arrived was
  • You have some good suggestions here. Another thing you might want are slippers or slipper socks. You'll be at the hospital for several days and the more you get up and walk around the better your recovery will go. I wore cute little Mary Jane slipper sock
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  • image transcriber87:
    With DD, she was an emergency Csection, which I hadn't planned for. For this one though, I have a list of stuff I wa
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  • I actually preferred the mesh undies from the hospital for the first week. After that, I needed granny panties. The biggest ones I could find that went up over my incision. Very sexy.

    I couldn't wear my regular ones

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