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May Grant Lancaster-Willow Street, Pennsylvania?

Hi Everyone,

             I have an OB appt. with May Grant of Willow Street, Pennsylvania- I've heard horrendous things!!! Anyone have experience there? Doctors to recommend/not recommend? Any thoughts are appreciated!!


Re: May Grant Lancaster-Willow Street, Pennsylvania?

  • i go to may grant but lancaster I love them they are very nice but I didn't pick my doc yet because I'm still under the clinic in Lancaster and is not released till 10 weeks but good luck!!
  • My best friend and I both went to May Grant, but have since left. 

    May Grant is fine if you have a normal pregnancy and normal pregnancy needs, but if you have any issues, May Grant just seems to drop the ball. I personally love the nurse p


    "Even miracles take a little time"

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  • I had almost nothing but awful experiences with May Grant.  I was treated like a number, always.  Especially when I had issues concieving.  We were attempting to concieve and i've always had hormone issues, got ovarian cysts for years and n
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