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Surprise Visit

My husband is currently stationed overseas.  Me and our 2 (soon to be 3) kids are with him, but we are wanting to plan a surprise visit home to see our families for Christmas.

 I'm wondering if any of you have done surprise visits home and how it went.  What are some good ways to surprise them?  I am thinking of just planning a skype date with them, but instead of skyping, we will just walk in their house.  Is it too simple?  I don't want it to fall through because there is always a chance that the skype session will get cancelled if they decide to go out instead or the time doesn't work for them.

I have already thought about some things that could go wrong and thinking of ways to avoid errors, but any help will be awesome.  Haven't done this before, but want it to go smoothly.  Thanks in advance!

Re: Surprise Visit

  • Do you have another family member you can trust to keep the secret?  If it were me I would tell one of my aunts that lives next door to my parents, and have her make sure they are home that night, or have invited them over to dinner so we would know
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  • My brother did  this, he isnt military but he has been a missionary living in Germany for several years. He wanted to surprise my parents for christmas so he Emailed me his itinerary to make sure there were no problems and then the day before we arra

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  • I did it when I was deployed during OIF 1. There was not enough R&R slots to go around so I opted to give my slot to those with children or other significant events happening. At month 12 we got extended for another 3 months so more slots opened up

  • I must be getting old and becoming a fuddyduddy. I'm not so sure that a surprise visit, with kids, is the best idea. How does your family do with surprises? Do they have busy lives? Will the house be clean enough? What special provisions will need to
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