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New to Holly Springs/Cary Area

Hi there!  I am newly married and 8 weeks along!  This will be our first baby!  I lived in this area of NC for a few years but would love to find a way to meet newly married, expecting, young couples!  My husband and I are in our mid twenties and I am having a hard time finding people our age that are starting a family!  Any suggestions, groups, websites for the Holly Springs/Cary, even Raleigh area would be great!  Thanks to all! :)

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  • The Triangle Mommies site is good. There's a lot of play dates and "mom's night outs" based on kids' age. I went to a few when we moved and I was pregnant and everyone was very nice and welcoming. 

    I've met a ton of my mom friends at WakeMed Cary's breastfeeding support group. I don't know if you plan on breastfeeding, but if you do, it's a great group of women and there's a meeting every week and then we organize play dates weekly too. So you could look into that in the fall when your LO gets here. has things too, but I've never done any of those.  



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  • Thank you!! I actually found Triangle Mommies right after i posted this :)  Sounds great!
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  • im in Cary/Apex and about 9 weeks. None of my friends are pregnant so its a lonely road right now.
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  • I live in Cary and I've had good luck with a mommy group on but they can be hit or miss! I met a few moms through on of them and then we kinda split off on our own! BTW I'm almost 10 weeks now so it sounds like we are all due around the same time (September?). Is everyone delivering at WakeMed?
  • I am also in Holly Springs! Still new to the area, board and this pregnancy!  I may run into you sometime. 
  • I am slacking on seeing replies to my post!!! I definitely know the feeling!  Have you tried any of the "Mommy get togethers?"  I thought about it but was too nervous! Haha! 
  • Andddd I am actually delivering at Rex!  I know it is a little farther.. did not really think that one through before choosing an OB. :-/  And now i LOVE my OBso im not changing!
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  • Hi there! I live in the area and struggle with this too. We have an infant and I'm looking to meet other mommies too... I've thought about joining Stroller Strides but haven't committed to that idea yet. I might check out Triangle Mommies after seeing that recommendation! I am a member of Triangle Natural Birth & Parenting on facebook and they have moms night out and other get togethers that are fun :) For you pregnant ladies I can recommend a great doula in the area, she was fantastic for our birth!

  • Oh, I also meant to mention that we've met a lot of mommy friends at the local Le Leche League meetings. There is one every week. There's an RTP lunch meeting (if you work) and some in the evenings too for working moms. For SAHM there's usually one every week at 10am. You can go to the LLL site for NC and search for local meetings (idk if I'm allowed to post a link here?)
  • Hi!

    Who is your ob?!!! Im new to area and looking for one...

    We live in Cary/Apex area, and I just dont know anyone!


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