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Has Anyone has experienced delivering their baby at Sunnyside Kaiser hospital? If so... what was it like?

 I'm under Kaiser insurance and they only cover Southwest or Sunnyside.... I had bad experence with Southwest with my first child and don't want to deliver there so our only option is Sunnyside. 

I am hoping for natural birth.... and that the doctors will listen to me instead of telling me what to do like Southwest did. Also would Sunnyside provide ASL interrupters as well?

 I would love to hear your thoughts and your experience! Thanks! 

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Re: SunnySide Kaiser Hosptial

  • I delivered at Sunnyside and had a wonderful experience.  The majority of the people I know also had great experiences there.   They are very supportive of natural birth, but offer the full spectrum of interventions if necessary or wanted.  They have a tub for laboring, but not for the actual delivery.  I found the nurses and staff to be very caring.  I have no complaints.  If you do a search on the Urbanmamas site you can find a ton of information from people who delivered there.  
  • I don't know what Southwest is.  I delivered at Sunnyside and had a great experience in 2010.  My options now are Sunnyside, St. V's or the new hospital opening up in Hillsboro in August (depending on my c section date).  We moved further away from Sunnyside and my OB doesn't do surgery there, so I will do St. V's or the new hospital if it is open in time, otherwise I would definitely go back to Sunnyside. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience there.
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  • I delivered at Southwest (along with several other friends and family) and we all loved it. However, I think no matter where you go, your experience will differ depending on who is on staff while you are there. I also have had a ton of friends/family deliver at Legacy Salmon Creek and some really like it, and some really hated it. 

    Also, depending on when you deliver, Kaiser just signed with Legacy Salmon Creek and will be doing deliveries there starting in October 2013.  

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  • I just toured the new Sunset hospital that will open in early August and the maternity department (and the rest of the hospital) was totally incredible and state of the art. I am definitely making the trip there even if I move further away.
  • We delivered at sunnyside in 2010. The nurses were angels. 24 hour midwife care, jacuzzi tub for labor, large comfortable rooms, able to walk around, birthing balls, able to dim the lights, play music order room service. Super supportive for those of us who want to go natural. I was able to birth my son 37 hours after my water broke, whereas at other hospitals I feel I would have a lot more pressure for interventions/ c section.
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