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Will you FL moms help me plan my beach getaway

xp: I was planning on having a girls' trip this year, but didn't plan on getting pregnant. I decided that I can't wait until after LO is done nursing to plan my beachy escape, so I'll just do it fat and pregnant and alcohol free!

I'm just looking for suggestions on where to go. I'll be traveling from CO and meeting friends from NY. My top criteria is that it has to be an affordable BEACH getaway. Love Hawaii, but don't think that will fit in the budget. I'm trying to keep it all under $500 or so, for each person. I'm thinking the East Coast will be most affordable. My main plan is to lather up the sunscreen and lie on the beach all day, have some nice dinners with friends and maybe a little dancing at night. I'm looking to go for a three to four day weekend at the end of April.

So what beautiful beach escapes can you recommend for me? Include any and all details! Thanks, ladies!

Re: Will you FL moms help me plan my beach getaway

  • I love Neptune Beach, just a few miles N of Jacksonville Beach. It has more of the small town beach feel to it. Its a little pricey so check out Jacksonville Beach. There is a an area right off the beach with night life and good restaurants. There is also a major airport in Jacksonville so you wouldn't have to fly then travel far to get the beach, maybe 30 min. 

  • Personally I think the West Coast is a lot nicer- Clearwater and St Pete are beautiful and easily affordable on the budget you are looking at


    If you do go for east coast avoid Daytona because it is a bunch of people partying 



  • St.Augufustine Beach!!!!! very beatiful. You are about 10 minutes from the historic distric which has hundreds of awsome restaurants. So not only do you get the beach but if you get bored with that you can sightsee throughout the whole city. the trolley ride would be great for you to since you will be pregnant and probably will not want to walk a whole lot.
  • We'd love to have you in Vero Beach! Great restaurants for lunch and dinner. dancing at Gloria Estefans on the beach.Vero Beach Hotel and Costa De Este are your best bets for hotels. Hope u make the trip even though I noticed this advice is a bit late:
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