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First time moms in Wilmimgton NC

Hi everyone! I'm 13 weeks today, first time mommy and new to Wilmington area. Any other first timers in the area? 

Re: First time moms in Wilmimgton NC

  • I am pretty sure I'm relocating to Wilmington in June, and I have a son who is turning 1 tomorrow (yay!).  If I do in fact move, I will definitely write you!  BTW, Meganmarie is such a unique was my best friend when I was kid, and I've
  • YAY for little boys! yes, do write to me if you move :) Why are you relocating? Happy Birthday to your little one! 
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  • I live here : downtown.

    I'll be 9 weeks on Thursday!
  • Congrats!! First baby? How are you feeling? 
  • First baby, TOTALLY A SURPRISE! . . . Suffice to say, nuvaring and i are no longer friends!

    I feel good, overall. i've become horribly absentminded and the nausea/ food aversions are difficult but it's for a good cause, right?

  • Oh no! Well, hopefully you are adjusting to this huge surprise! Glad to hear you are doing well. I have gotten past the morning (all day) sickness. Thank God!! I also have been terribly absentminded. And dropping everything! And so tired still even though
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