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How many snacks?

DD is 4y3m. For a few weeks now she barely eats dinner. I think I should cut back on snacks. Generally she gets a snack every two to three hours. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, sometimes a few crackers at 4 and then dinner. Is she old enough to drop a snack? Should snacks be super small?what do your kids snack on?

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Re: How many snacks?

  • To me, as long as it's healthy, I don't monitor their snacks.  Ds can eat his way through all snacks and still eat a dinner.  Dd is more like a bird and will eat little bits here and there and maybe picks at dinner, but I'm not worried because s
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    To me, as long as it's healthy, I don't monitor their snacks.nbsp; Ds can eat his way through all snacks and still eat a
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  • My kids usually have a mid morning snack, between breakfast and lunch, and then a small snack around 3pm to tide them over until dinner. They usually eat fruit, sliced peppers, string cheese, raisins or Craisins, crackers, fruit leathers, or applesauce

  • I don't watch how much DS is snacking. If he's hungry, I give him a snack. If he wants more, I give him more.
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    I don't worry if they skip a meal. I figure two good meals a day and healthy snacks are good. Typically before dinner, we have fruits or veggies only. So I think this helps them eat more at dinner time.

    I actually prefer to give them their ve
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  • Both of my kids do your same snack schedule. I try to limit the amount of the snacks especially at 4pm where I tend to offer 2 crackers.  My kids eat a lot at breakfast, a moderate amount at lunch, then barely anything at dinner. Some snacks we do ar

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  • We have a fruit bowl and they have free reign.  THey eat a big protein-heavy breakfast, then a moderate lunch, salad at 4, dinner at 5.  Bedtime snack at 7.
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  • We typically have a big breakfast around 730. The kids are ready for a snack around 930. Often it's fruit and nuts. Lunch around noon. I watch afterschool kids and everyone gets a snack around 330. On days with just my kids we skip that afternoon snack b/
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  • Dd has a small afternoon snack 3ish then nothing til dinner at 5:30/6 or she won't eat anything and then doesn't sleep all night cause she's hungry
  • We don't make snacks very big at all.  My girls (during the week) have breakfast at home at around 6:30 which is typically some type of bar (nutrition bar or Nutri-Grain Bar) and something hot like an Eggo French Toast or a few tiny pancakes or I

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    We cut out snacks for the most part. Sometimes the boys will have a snack mid-morning or afternoon but its pretty rare. We felt that they were over feeding on snacks and then not eating at meals. Cutting out snacking has helped for us.
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