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Baby Shower Venues.

Hi ladies! 

I'm actually from Vermont but most of my family lives in MA/NH and they are looking for a halfway point. I was looking in the Concord to Henniker Region. Even Nashua area. 

Wondering if you had good experiences with a baby shower in or around some of those towns. I'm familiar with Concord and Manchester, but can't seem to come up with any ideas for an appropriate place for a baby shower.  


Thanks in advance! 


Re: Baby Shower Venues.

  • I had my sister's baby shower at Fratellos in Manchester. That was a few years ago now but they were great! 

    Also you could check with the marriot in concord. and there is the grappone conference center in concord 

    Your venue all depends on the amount of people you plan on having at the shower. I have a friend that had her shower at the park that has a large space for large groups, like a gazebo and they grilled, her family got their early and decorated... and the location was free.

    You can also check libraries, or country clubs as well in the area.


    Good luck!  

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  • Not sure if you had your shower yet but I had mine at Cheers restaurant in concord. It was in the green room with lots of space and great food!! Call Bonnie she is so flexible!! Enjoy!!
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