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birth experiences at Benning?

Hi - just wondering if anyone has any feedback about maternity care at MACH and Ft. Benning (or, for that matter, anywhere off-post in the Coumbus area)?

I'm especially interested to know how supportive the hospital staff & atmosphere are for moms who hope for a natural birth with as few interventions as possible, but any information anyone has would be great! Good experiences, bad experiences, any particular recommendations when it comes to doctors?

 Also, I know they had a midwifery program at MACH for a while, does anyone know if that is still available? Thank you!!

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Re: birth experiences at Benning?

  • I started my pregnancy at MACH, Dr. Schwartz was AMAZING! He was super supportive of my wanting to attempt natural pain management, and took great care of me while I was there.  (Finished pregnancy at Riley)  

    They do have a midwife program, I never saw them, but I do know that it is all done in a group setting, so your appointments are really done with the other women in the group, you could be there for several hours just for a normal check up.  I'm not opposed to midwifes, I was just turned off by the fact that the average check up there took 3 hours versus the 45-60 minute appointment with a doctor (that includes waiting to be taken back as well).  
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  • I delivered my son at MACH 3/11/11. I had Dr.Bailey, who was SUPER great.

    I told him I wanted to try to go without pain meds and he was so super supportive.

    Eventually I caved and was crying and the nurse that was with me went and got the epidural person and she told me there were 2 other women before me but I was crying so she got him to me first. I was sooo thankful.

    I didn't even know about the midwife program. I remember a lady coming in and saying she was a midwife but all she did was look at me like I was pathetic and told me to get on the ball. (That was my first child birth and I went 9 1/2 hours w/o pain meds...yeah,, I was in some pain and looking pathetic. lol) I didn't appreciate her much, but everybody else there was sooo helpful.

     They're really on top of making sure you wake up at night to feed the baby as well.

     The care as far as before having the baby was OK. I had to go get a pregnancy test down at some little building behind the hospital, even though I was like 27 weeks pregnant. I kept getting info tossed around as to where I was supposed to be and eventually I just gave up, until one night I had some bleeding and went up to Labor and Delivery and that's when everything got taken care of and Dr.B took me on his schedules. I didn't have my appointments up at their OB/GYN rooms but down in Family Medicine. Still great care though. :]

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