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29 weeks and moody

I'm so weepy and sensitive. I have lots of worries on my mind between work, not being a single parent, having everything ready before my son is here, and delivery. That being said, my bf hates weepy nagging. He said I could leave/move. And he threw a glass at me. I realize I should have controlled my emotions better, I just wanted kindness and understanding. I also know I deserve better.

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  • I'm really sorry to hear this. Not trying to be harsh, but this is not a man you want to raise a child with. My DH and I have gotten into some heated arguments, but he never throws things. Also, you WILL be moody; you're hormonal. I would really make
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  • I completely agree... And what is he gonna do when the baby is here and won't stop crying? I'm 20 weeks and have had a couple emotional bout and my DH thinks its kinda funny or something cause he laughs a little and holds me on the really bad days... Your
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