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Since I don't do mobile and am getting my one and only bump time, I am going to hit all the threads at once..if I can

FFFC - I just went to the store and bought nothing but crap.. fritos, Cheetos, gummy cola bottles, tabloid magazines, peanut and almonds and bean dip

Uconnhuskie: Whats your most memorable bday party?



Rachael_c2: Whats your fav holiday and why?

Doggiemom4: Do you have a newer family pic as cute as the one in your siggy?

Excersaucer/Jumper: we were talking about it today I just and debating.... I mean I think she needs one but damn they are not cheap..... i'm leaning to the jumperoo thou

Candace: think I should just get y eyelashes dyed?

Pet Peeve: How come he always wants to DTD rght after I have washed all the bedding... guh

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  • Nov 2012 BMB January Siggy Challenge
    Those Presedential Fitness Tests Were Torture


  • Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. You get to eat all sorts of food and you can sit on the couch and not feel compelled to "entertain"... everything just seems a lot more relaxed.

    Plus Christmas stresses me out soo bad. I think since Thanksgiving

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