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Sleep accident

Noah never wakes before midnight but hubby went in to close the windows and he started stirring, then woke after a few mins. I gave him my usual 10 mins and he didn't fall back to sleep.

We are now at one hour. I am about to go shush/pat for the 5th time.

He quiets and closes his eyes for like 2 mins and then starts screaming again. Not even sure how to count the time. Does it start over when he stops/starts crying?

This is not easy, 


Re: Sleep accident

  • I would stick to the 10 min.s You're doing such a good job!  Good luck Mama!
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  • kb&mbkb&mb member

    He was up from 10 pm - 1 am. Yikes. I ended up doing a half feed because I was so tired and felt like he was never going to sleep. I fed him around 12:20 and he still didnt go to sleep until almost 1:00. But heeding cry at all after I fed him. He also

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  • I'm not trying to be a beyotch, but I would not try to sleep train your child until you do some more reading. Also your ticker says your child is roughly 4.5 months old. I know it is just a few weeks off but most of the time they say to wait until 5-6

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  • kb&mbkb&mb member

    Thank you for the info. I did use the NoobMommy blog - it is very helpful.

    Dr said it was ok because he had started waking as early as midnight and he is healthy and growing. 

    I feel like all I do is read, haha. But I do appreciate you

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