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Evans Army Community Hospital?

Hi I'm going to be delivering at Evans in Nov, so it's a long time before I'll get to tour. Anyone deliver there recently and can you tell me if the recovery rooms in the Mother/Baby unit are private or doubles? Thanks!

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  • They are private. Let me know if you have any other questions. I delivered there in September 2011
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  • Thank you! I might have more questions, but that was the one that was bugging me the most. Womack had double Mother/Baby rooms and the thought of that again was completely stressing me out.
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  • I was also worried about them having non private rooms. When I was getting my ultrasound the tech had delivered there and I asked her a lot of my questions. The rooms had been remodelled several years ago, so they are very nice looking.
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  • Evans as in Fort Carson?
  • Yes or that's the one I was talking about. :
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  • Not sure if it a though or option for you, but I transfered to Tricare Standard and delivered at St. Francis on the corner of Woodman and Powers and loved the Academy Women's Health practice. My total cost was 30.00 for delivery.
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  • I've been thinking about going standard Carson is a long ways away, and we're moving to the Woodmen/Powers area next month. When you say Academy Women's Health that's the private practice you saw?
  • We use to live in Falcon so the St. Francis was much closer. I saw Dr. Weary at Academy Women's Health (private practice attached to the hospital). They were amazing same day appointments if needed. Always saw Dr. Weary with the exception of one time he was delivering a baby and I saw another dr. from the practice. I can seriously not say enough good things about them. I delivered at St. Francis. The rooms were private. You deliver in one room then they move you to a very nice recovery room. The staff was helpful with a lactation consultant on staff, nurses that were very sweet, and it was open so both military and civilian friends could come see me. Everything maternity was covered with the exception of 30.00 I paid to the hospital. Your child is automatically considered prime once they were delivered so I had no expenses for my DD. After my 6 week PP check I transfered back to prime. 

    Here is the link to the practice: https://www.awha.com/ 

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  • they are private and they are pretty nice. congrats!


  • Evans is great! I delivered in 09 and loved the rooms and the nurses. We lived on woodmen and powers as well and had no issues getting there at all.
  • I delivered in 2010 and the rooms were private. I live around the Woodmen/Powers area and dont think I will have any problems getting to Evans for #2 in November. The babies also room-in with you which I like.
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