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XP: Hospital bedrest or strict bedrest experience?

I was wondering if anyone could share their current bed rest situation or previous experience, either at home, or in the hospital so I can get some peace of mind. I'm 3 days in the hospital and going batty.  I thought each day was going to get easier, but I'm massively struggling because I'm so unhappy being here and having my DH go home each night. Crying  I know I'm here for a very good reason, but it's just really tough. Being an IF vet, I also want healthy babies more than anything in the world.  But being in the hospital is rough.

So I'm 24w, 3 days with b/g di/di twins.  I posted 2 weeks ago because my MFM found my a 2cm cervical funnel on my 22w anatomy scan and I was curious to get some perspective.  I was scanned at 16w and then the practice had scheduling issues for the anatomy, so my cervix wasn't scanned until 22w.  The past 2 weeks have been rough because I have had to deal with my unhappiness that maybe this could have been prevented or intervened much sooner if they were checking much earlier on.  Cerclage wasn't an option per the doc, as they thought it was too late in the pregnancy and much too risky. They also pushed to see me back in 4w to check funneling, and my gut told me that it was much too long to wait... thank GOD I did, because now I'm sitting in the hospital with a .5-1cm dilation.  My practice didn't 'believe in bedrest' but other MoMs had commented their practices had similar views, so apparently these scientific institutions (I'm at a teaching hospital linked to an ivy league) are a bit out there.  So a lot of my frustration comes from the fact that I went from no restrictions, to laid up in a hospital bed with bathroom privileges and no doctor will tell me how long I will be here.  And always questioning if I did less, went on bed rest 4 weeks ago, if I'd still be home and comfy. It was a huge shock because I went straight from MFM appointment, to checking in at the hospital across the street. 

The first day, I got magnesium and steroids and was prepared for delivery although I had no signs other than cervical incompetence.  They also haven't checked my cervix, nor do they want to any time soon because they said the less going on the better.  I am going to prod tomorrow with the docs to get an ETA on when they want to check.  Because I know I could be dilated a cm for weeks to months and no one will tell me a plan of when I will be released. First I was told 2 days, then a week, then a doc today said prepare for a month.  I can do this from home!  I know I can!  And I would be so much more comfortable, my Mom already said she'd move in to give me 24 hr care for when my husband goes to work or if I need to get to the hospital which is under 10 minutes away.

I ask every single doctor I meet when I can go home and they finally got me a private room today because clearly I was NOT holding up well!  Any insight or experiences to share?  Anything I should be asking or pleading for?  TIA!

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Re: XP: Hospital bedrest or strict bedrest experience?

  • I'm so sorry... I'm a FTM so don't have any advice. However I was in the hospital for brain surgery for 5 days. Have someone bring you your own snacks, pillow, blanket, robe, slippers... Anything that might make you feel more comfortable. Thinking about y
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    I'm so sorry... I'm a FTM so don't have any advice. However I was in the hospital for brain surgery for 5 days
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  • First off I can 100% relate to your feelings.  I was admitted at 24w1d, given steroids, and told I likely would deliver by the end of the week. I didn't have cervical issues or PTL though. A few days the prognosis was different and we thought we

  • Oh I'm sorry I had hospital stay experience and I wanted out so bad and like you no one would tell me anything! I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and told to just rest at home which I took seriously and did. But at one point my proteins spiked and they

  • hugs it is really hard! Even thought he sleep might be harder, is your husband allowed to room in with you on a sofa or whatever? Just hang in there, even though you can rest at home, they might be keeping you in case your delivery was fast if it happened
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  • I was p it on very strict bed rest for a cervix that was as short as yours (though no funneling) and at the end I wish I had been in the hospital on bed rest. I was having severe BP issues and was in L&D every few days and had 3 appointments a week

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  • I was in strict bed rest at home with my first (not twins).  I had shortening/funneling, cervix measured 1.7cm.  The peri said that babies born at 24 weeks had a highly increased risk of lifelong disabilities. After 28 weeks, 80% of babies ha

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  • I have 2.5-year old twins and am now 29w4d pregnant with #3. I've been on bedrest for both pregnancies.

    With the twins, my story was similar to yours, and I did a total of about 13 weeks of bedrest. At my anatomy sca

  • Hi! I was right where u are last year. I have b/g twins born at 26wk4 d last march. I was admitted on hospital bed rest at 21 wks for ptl. I was on every med under the sun, constant contractions, funneling, cervix went from 3.2 cm long at 19 wks got progr
  • I was put in the hospital on bedrest @ 25 weeks. I was 4cm dilated and w/ di/di twins. It is hard, very hard. I had a two year old at home and the hospital I was in was 1.5hrs away! I was put on hospital bedrest for 10 weeks. I knew if I didn't do what

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  • I am so sorry that you are going through this but each day you can keep those babies in is so important and you are doing a great job! With my first twin pregnancy I was on strict bed rest at home starting at 16 weeks until they arrived at 34 weeks exa

  • I spent 5 weeks in the hospital. I was admitted at 32 weeks for pre-e. There were good days and there were bad days, but it seemed to go by a lot faster that I imagined it would. Hang in there mama. You can do it!
    Single Mother by Choice. Life didn't work out the way I planned so I did it on my own. IUI #s 1-3, unmedicated = BFN, IUI #s 4-6, 50mg Clomid, Ovidrel = BFN IVF #1: 23R, 20M, 17F. 5 day transfer 2 blasts. 2 Snowbabies BFP 6dp5dt, Beta #1 7dp5dt = 58, Beta #2 9dp5dt = 114, Beta #3 10dp5dt = 187 1st Ultrasound = 5/3, not much to see yet. 2nd Ultrasound = 5/17, TWINS!!! Hospital Bed Rest at 32 weeks due to pre-ecclampsia and severe edema. Audrey Grace, 5lbs9oz, & Lydia Louise, 6lbs, born via emergency c-section on 12/6/12 at 36w1d My IVF Journey
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