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when can you spoil a baby?

I want to make sure I know when that magic point is!

Re: when can you spoil a baby?

  • I'm sure there's no clear cut age or answer. Some will say you can never spoil a baby. Are you talking about like picking up and holding LO? Like they'll know they'll get picked up when they cry? With this I've read 6 months is when they'll start to reall
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  • I'm not sure spoil is the right word. Creating bad habits maybe? Not sure there is a magic age.

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  • That's a toughie. I think it helps to know their cues. Sometimes K will be just fine, but he will do a begging whine until one of us picks him up. Can't cook, clean and hold a baby. At that point I make sure he has toys or something so he doesn't get bore

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  • I would go with bad habits instead of spoiling. H does indeed have a temper though. If he is trying to reach a toy he lets out this disgusted screech/cry and kicks his legs really hard. He does the same thing if we aren't holding him the way he wants to b
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  • I agree with some of the PP.  Bad habits is a better term than spoil at the very beginning.  You'll know you've started to create a bad habit when LO refuses to sleep or occupy themselves without you to constantly holding them or at the sligh

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